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[Closed] Ult++ DPS Sparus

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Well this is slightly disappointing, but we will still see how it goes.
Neg Hero Attack (between -50 and -100), and Neg Tower Attack.

Costs 12.3 bil to upgrade

gets to 102k melee, or 31.8k ranged.

End date is 12/24 at 10pm

IC - https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/?scrollTo=1258147&page=534#1258147

C/O: 12cv from Killingislife

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@Atherial quote:

cant bid it is the wrong color. :(

I can change the color...... I mean, uhh... its not orange... what color do you need?

Its that color.... i didnt see it correctly.

hehe :)

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