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Ecannon, Espear, tots, ult+ & ++ weps, cats, [OVER]

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Currency/Items accepted:


coal 6:1

diamonds 4/10/15

IC: #9 and 11 were purchased on fourms so they shouldnt be hacked as for the other stuff IC is pending.



2: Pjtor 1cv

3: SupahMo 4 coal

4: TheLycanCorps 1 cube 3 coal

5: ilovecheddah 2cv


7: TheLycanCorps 4cv


9: [Ger] Michili 7cv

10: [Ger] Michili 5cv 

11: [Ger] Michili 15cv

12:TheLycanCorps 4 coal

13:  reserve: 3cubes 

End date: 12/25


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