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What the game is missing.

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Hallo all.
I'm a old DD1 player, and now i've played DD2 twice aswell.

With twice i mean i played it in alpha state, but quickly got sick of it, nothing to do.
Then i recently started up again, thinkin the game must have gotten good now. I've been putting like 100+ hours into the game this time, and already now, sick of it again.
This game really got potential, i like it alot, but there is absolutely nothing to do when you get just decent gear, you can beat everything and all that is left to do it farm gear, that isn't really nessesary for you.

So what the game is missing is
* Endgame content - Something that is always progressable.

Endgame content could be a few different things. It could be some kind of endless, where you could always get further, and get better gear the further you got. This is me thinkin more like DD1 endless, lets face it, DD2 Onslaught is so lame.
Another thing could be some kind of ranking, so that you could always compete against other players with the rankin board so you always had a reason to get better gear.
As stated the problem is, when you got decent gear, why play the game, there is nothing to progress through, your just farming better gear for basicly nothing.

Lets compare abit - i know this is 2 complete other games, but just listen.

In wow, you progress with ur gear, to get to new places, complete new tasks, get some new raid bosses down, because the gear is needed to be able to do so, there is a reason for farming it.
Any wow player wow played in Dreanor, would know there was a long streak of nothing new to progress through, and what happened? People left the game. Basicly my point with this game.

Diablo 3 ( I don't really like the game tho ) has kinda a endless game, that actually works.
You progress through theese rifts, that get harder and harder the further down you get, and also there is a leaderboard ranking system where you get ranked by how far you get, and the time you did them in.
This again makes it really important always to get the best gear possible, and progress with it to actually progress further through the game.

This is not the first time i'm making this post, i made somehting simulair in the alpha, but nothing has happened. If you want to continue to make people interrested and stay interrested in this game, you need endgame contant, that keeps being relevant.


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They are currently revamping the end game finally. We're in a state of wait and see what they announce.

I do like Diablo 3's endless rift system, but going that route does raise a concern for me. In D3, the general game balance was destroyed in favor of balancing heroes and enemies with each patch with rift progression in mind, which in turn completely trivialized everything else. I still play it now, but much less frequently, and the game is completely effortless outside of rifts. I want other things of merit to do that don't require me to just start fresh again, but I don't see that happening. That's fine for Diablo, but this is still a relatively young game that's just been in pre-release status for a while.

That said, having definitive end game modes that are balanced with the expectation people playing it have top end gear/builds would be a welcome solution to issues currently bothering the game. 

There should be a semi-distinct separation between content players do to farm gear and content top level players do for other reasons. Farming maps SHOULD be trivial for maxed out players, as it's balanced for players not at that point yet. Maxed out players move on to the actual end game where there are new things to pursue, and the content is never easy.

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