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[OVER][WTG] Birthday time

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Yes, you heared right!

On the 9th December i will celebrate my 20th birthday and with a birthday aways comes great Partyes!

Wait. what have i do to do so? (And can i get one of those minions? - No.)

All you have to do is to congradulate me during its 9th December inside this thread (Yes, i want to get at least some wishes for my birthday :P ).

Please also note that messages via Steam, forums, or anywhere outside this thread won´t count as entryes. So post it here.

Its not important whats your timezone as long as its the 9th december somewhere in the world.demon.png

I guess you will skip this text untill the prices reveal anyways, so there we go...

Whats the prices? Hehe.

now is the time to wait. my auction of 2 Ultimate ++ Hands [Ended] will expand right before or during my birthday.

There will be 2 Prices, given to 2 lucky persons each, chosen by RNG out of all Participants.

The winners can chose in order of the following prices:

  • The half amount of cubes bidded on the second ++ hand (The Mail one, to be clear). In chase there are only bids beyond 16 Cubes (Event items won´t count as Cubes. if i speak about cubes, i am meaning Coals(1:6), Cubes or Diamonds (3/10/15). Currencie will handed out in Pure Cubes.), i will only give you 8 Cubes. EDIT: Current price is 15 CV (thats already the half of 30 Cubes). 15 Cubes!

  • A Event item, this will be either a Event item bidded on one of the hands (its not important on which one, you may choose the Item in chase theres more then 1) or, in chase theres no Events bidded over there, my own Azure Peak. You may choose between Azure Hat or Death wish!

Let´s bag for some nice stuff together!

Now i can only hope i didnt missformulate anything, its too late for me and my eyes are half closed.

-> Michili

---------------ADVERTISEMENT --- ADVERTISEMENT --- ADVERTISEMENT--------------

You might have already saw something similar from Cheddar.

Heres my onlineshop, took some time to create one too.


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Allright, there we go!

Gates are open, entries are now free, since wikipedia says:

UTC−12:00    -->    Baker Island, Howland Island (both uninhabited)

Just to clear it up since a special someone asked, you do NOT have to place a bid inside my auction even if it would always be nice!

The 2 current prices (they might change last minute) are...

  • 15 Cubes (payable in Cubes or diamonds (5/10/0)
  • Azure Peak Event Item OR the new Death Wish Event item! (trace will ofcorse given to the winner)

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Last minute birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday! Here is a picture of the world's happiest animal :3


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There we go, switching to Jester, rolling the Wheel O´ Fortune twice... and get some results!

  • 6                    Hypernut101       [He picked the Azure Peak Hat. please also take this as a trace- handover in chase he deletes his screen.
  • 17                   AKT-Konan

Thats the two numbers who won, please add & contact me via Steam!

Number 6 can decide which Price he/she wants first!

Number 17 may get whatever is left. skeleton.png

[Avaiable prices are 15 Cubes or {Death wish/ Azure Peak} ]

A lovely advents time for all & may you get a nice time around!

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