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DD2, the Drinking Game

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Rules are simple:

- Go down the list of public NM3, NM4 games and join every game you can. Play the map as normal, but:

- Take a shot for every poison dart tower being built.

- Take a shot for every zig-zaggy proton beam being put on a lane.

- Take two shots for every huntress with "Poison Shock" in the team.

- Take two shots for every monk with "Purge Evil" staff in the team.

- Take three shots whenever somebody says "upgrade pdt first". Take one extra shot if it's exactly this phrase.

- Sip some beer in case there's someone leveling their dryad.

- Treat yourself with a snack in case there's at least one non-monk, non-ev, non-huntress, non-blockade structure on each lane  in the current build.

- ?????????

- Liver cancer.

Did I forget anything? Feel free to add rules down below.

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