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Can u create the same hero twice?

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Yes you can have the same hero as often as you want, you just need to get armor and weapons for both of them.

If you have trouble creating the second squire its probably because you either have no free slots for new heroes ( slots can be bought with medals or real money), or sometimes it changes the outfit for the hero you want to create and if you dont have that outfit you have no create button.

I had this issue myself and some friedns had it aswell, its a bit hard to explain but under the picture of the hero there is the name of the costume he wears in the picture, just klick one of the arrow until you reach the standart costume and you should be able to create it.

If i misunderstood your question im sorry for the confusing post

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@Soulstiger quote:

@xMay quote:

@Hugiherahta quote:

Yes, you can create two or more of the same heroes.

But I created another lavamancer and the first one got deleted :(

Uh, that shouldn't be happening. I've got 4 dryads, for instance.

Tbh It was my bf who had that problem, but he found it in the inv, the cards part. LOOOL he so silly, u r right, thanks for the help

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