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WTA Some things Ended

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  • Coals 6:1
  • Cubes
  • Diamonds 3/9/14


  1.  1 Cube+1 Coal Ultii
  2. 3 Coal CoDRSMC TRADED
  3. 3 Coal CoDRSMC TRADED
  4. 1 Cube+1 Coal Carnage-
  5. 1 Coal cylla TRADED
  6. 5 Cubes Ashwolf TRADED


Minimum bid increastment 1 coal.

End of Auction is on the 29th of November every bid in the last 12 hours extends the duration of the auction by 6 hours.

Gl and happy bidding :)

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@Ektron quote:

3 hours 20 mins left, come on a4 is worth more then 1 cube <.<

It's not for me; waiting to hear back from a friend - will chase them

Ultimates get a 40% bonus correct? (need to compare to their current piece)


Will up bid by a coal while I wait to hear back

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