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[WTA] Vortex hammer and shield

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Vortex hammer and shield are from the Dark Elf Hunting event from a while back. Hammer is a melee weapon and shield is a shield accessory for Countess/Squire.  Traced to me. I accept cubes, coal (6-1), diamonds (5/10/15), other events (will decide on prices for them depending on the event), and good armor (ult or higher, must see a picture of first)

I reserve the right to not sell for any reason.


Hammer: MerecatIsFancy 11cv

Shield: MerecatIsFancy 13cv

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@nenescamacho quote:

Do you accept Lab runs? If you do I'll give you 150runs for each

No, I dont accept lab runs. I accept the currencies listed in my original post.

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