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[WTA] Some cool stuff 500+ all tower stat pet capped ult++ in TD [ENDED]

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 Hey, guys, I recently had a corruption in my data for DD and I had lost all of my stuff. But I checked back after 3 months and Poof, everything was there.( Thanks Trendy Gods and everyone who helped) And since I had these Auctions going on at the time I lost my stuff, I'll hold the auctions again!




Jjx2wj7.pngThis is 1/46X btw





Coal- 6:1 (Max 3cv)

Diamonds- 4/9/15 (up to 3 non-cap diamonds)

Events - Aladdin's wish 55 CV

            - Rainmaker 165 CV

            - Magicite 110 CV

            - Vamps Delight 15 CV

            - RockShatter 80 CV

            - Vortex set (Hammer and Shield) 25 CV


1) oliwaltony - 80 CV  

2) oliwaltony - 15 CV

3) oliwaltony - 15 CV 

(oliwaltony Offer is an Magicite and has been divided amongst the 3 items/pets)

IC: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/see-comment?scrollTo=1231509&page=505#1231509

Winnner is oliwaltony who bid Magicite for all 3

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After discussing with the auctionner as how this situation can be handled, I'll redivide my aladdins to have 30 on #1, 10 on #2 and 15 on #3 

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