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Mystic spheres, also Lavamancer & EV builders

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Query on what people are finding useful for the Mystic, and also what if any you have found/use for Lava and EV2 builders

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Mystic wall. no sphere

Mystic viper (Sphere + dmg charge for single target,, AoE = PDT).

 Obelisk spheres (3sphere) ( for Multiple mystics atleast 3 mystics). 

Lavamancer need Volcano stun (sphere) only 1 useful. Other is just useless for volcano.

Lavamancer oil geyser 1 sphere = stun 

Lavamancer Maw = 1 sphere. (increase dmg taken for pertify enemy)

EV2 only 2 spheres working now (Oiling strike sphere + Chilling strike sphere) for proton beam

PS. I can't remember sphere name :(. But these are what I bought and find it useful.

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