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WTA Ult++ Pristin Helm CLOSED

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Taking this as currency:

  • Cubes 
  • Diamonds 3/9/14

Aswell as these Event items:

Magicite = 100cv

Celebration = 100cv

NPC = 85cv

Glacier's Demise= 65cv

Alladin's Wish = 55cv

Vortex Set = 25cv

Cavalry = 25cv

Vamps Delight = 15cv

Underlined ones are prefered.

c/o: Magicite (100cv) by Moonwalk (not met)


ICed by Acen:


If u wanna offer any event items not listed post em with your price and im gonna accept/pass/counter offer on it.

Minimum bid increasment 5cv

I have a hidden reserve and i have the right to decline, if im not satisfied with the last bid.

End of Auction is on the 25th October every bid on the last day extends the duration of the auction by 12 houres

GL and happy bidding :)

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@Magicuss quote:

If i outbid the last person does it not have to be considered a valid bid?

Just get a minimum bid increasement (like 5 Cubes) and ignore such bids... *facepalm*

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