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Hot Key bug

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Since the patch reset my hot keys (As intended, I am aware!)
I went through them all and re-applied my hot keys

I use 
SHIFT+(Num 1-4) For Towers
CTRL+(Num 1-4) For Hotswapping
and some other stuff

I changed these all in one go.

Getting into a game I went to hotswap (currently on the hero in slot 1) and pressed CTRL+2 and it didn't work.
Manually swapping (to Slot 2, through the hero Deck in inventory) and pressing CTRL+1 swapped fine. 

So it doesn't save CTRL+(Num 2-4)
I checked controls and it says
Hotswap 2 CTRL+2
Hotswap 3 CTRL+3
Hotswap 4 CTRL+4
Hitting apply again does nothing.

I did find a work around for it:

Go into the controls 
Change Hotswap 2 from CTRL+2 to CTRL+2
Close the menu
Open Controls
Repeat for 3 and 4

Although this is by no means worded well, I'm happy to make a video if needed :)

Note: I found this in the last patch (15.5ish or somthing) I just didn't have time to post this.

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