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(WTG) The Lava Lobsters Gifts

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The Lava Lobsters Reward \

Hello fellow defenders it is me atherial here with my first giveaway on the forums and this one comes from the depths of embermount. deep within the place we know of as embermount volcano the lava lobster thrives. So here the great lava lobster has blessed upon us many different items and sets for you to win. Each person can enter one screenshot into this giveaway by doing the following.


The Rewards that the lava lobster shall bestow upon the defenders

The small gifts that the lava lobster offers are as listed below all the items below are self farmed by me over the past year but if you want a IC i would be happy to grab one. The bloodshots were picked from my personal collection hope you enjoy them.

  • A myth tower harps set ( http://imgur.com/a/NVXkJ )
  • A ult genie that can cap h-dmg ( http://imgur.com/a/NpaIx )
  • Capping 4 stat ult mail helm ( http://imgur.com/a/Vhybu )
  • A 46k sup bloodshot ( http://imgur.com/a/sOv1w )
  • A capping ult tower bloodshot ( http://imgur.com/a/Lcb5a )

to earn the lava lobster's Favour

The lava lobster loves attention and screenshots apparently. so in order to enter you are required to take a screenshot with the lava lobster like the one i did below. there are many interesting places to get the lava lobster in the background so be creative. The lava lobster will give bonus points if you have the following in your screenshot.

  • A fancy looking character (1 point)
  • A swarm of Annoying Dragons (1 point)
  • A golden annoying dragon (1 point)
  • The phoenix boss (2 points)

so if you follow all of these some you could score a total of six points towards the screenshot giveaway. you may be wondering what a point is well it counts as a entry into this giveaway. also i will be awarding a addtional point to the person i feel did the most creative job making a screenshot. this can involve image editing software or captioning but please not that if you paste in a fake phoenix boss it will not give you 2 points i would like if you used image editing software to post the original image to determine the points from above. Here is a example of a screenshot note this would be a very low scoring screenshot.


> Atherial

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