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Hi Guys, whats up.

I would like to talk about the game and maybe a new feature.

In the game "The Division"  u can reroll the stats from your EQ, but u can only reroll 1 thing and it cost money.

So for example, if your getting a chestplate with hero health and def health, u can reroll hero health to an other value.

Would that be an idea? 

I would love it, because the drop rate of 750 ipwr gear is garbage and if u get one piece, the stats or the effects are sh*t. I did over 100 runs of catacombs and mostly the stats are good, but the effects are rolled unlucky. It's really annoying if u do a map over and over again and u don't get any rewards, only the crap 750 ipwr weapon.

Maybe let the ogres drop some 750th gear too?

Btw. I really love the new

maps and heroes, but pls stop for a moment and fix the problems.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope someone will read and has the same opinion like me.

Cya. 😬😬

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