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New campaign...?

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Hearing how there is good pacing and a good time I was excited to enjoy this new/redone Campaign experience.

So I saw an option for starting a campaign from the main screen (with 0 slots free*), I thought 'Cool!' and enacted my plan -

1) Wanted to play the new Mystic, bought with gems, Hero 1 in the deck

2) Hadn't bought the Lavamancer yet, threw 10K Medals at it, Hero 2 in the deck

3) No alt Abyss Lord yet, he's #3

4) No alt Monk yet, he's #4

...but now I see nothing in game nor from the front screen anymore (??) to kick this off. 

(* doesn't seem to be a 0 slots free issue as I didn't have slots free last go-around) 

Do I get the whole experience and whole equip path / enjoyment of 1-50 with it?

Is this a problem because I'm using the latest hero(es)?  

Which would be a big mistake IMO with the Mystic tie-in... 

Sorry if I have missed something but I'd rather play the game thru new campaign with 4 fresh level 1s from my hero deck rather than Harbringer to NM and then farm.. I suppose I can still step through the maps but is that the new 'curated experience'?  I spent my time and money getting ready to go rather than on every Dev detail here, what am I missing?

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Try just picking the fist map and playing it on Campaign.

 They said they weren't going to force us to replay it, so it makes sense the option isn't there for us by default.

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Yup understand all the above, but just seems an opportunity missed again to start a fresh run outside of 'run first map and keep going'.  Why not let us kick if off the same way?  I imagine I've overestimated the difference but even so.  I'm disappointed the option they showed me when I was first at the main menu ended up going away as I readied my band of 4 level 1s  - calculations once in game perhaps removing that option (for good)?

My feedback would be don't be heavy handed here.  You have a turnstile of new heroes, a lot of us have been playing forever, a fresh start option even for vets would have been nice.  Maybe even limiting levels/ipwr used, eg I am now having to run this entire thing Private as everyone ends up whipping out their 50s.  Yes I have a boatload of those guys too but aren't we here to enjoy it?  I'm taking my own varied pack of 4 thru it for fun.

I'm going to guess/assume/hope it'll run exactly like had I restarted but to be blunt, I have absolutely no way of knowing if that is the case or not.  Am I getting the interesting drops to provide varied builds as I go like Trendy suggested?  Did the plan for other heroes at all or just core 4 (so in this case only my merry monk might apply)?  Again I have no idea.

Even better if I could have just done it.  Oh well.  

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