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[WTA] Capping Ult+ Leather Gloves

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Hi all! Want to auction off these Ult+ Gloves.

End Date: October 4th, 23:59 Mountain Time (MT)

Any bids in the last day will extend the auction 1 more day

There is a hidden reserve. I retain the right to decline any offers or keep the piece if I am unsatisfied with the final bid. Hopefully this auction goes well. I think it's a rather fine piece :D

C/O: 35cv Clutch

I am accepting:




            I don't know event prices so I will need to know what you value the event and I'll determine if I want it/can use it.


Passed IC

Happy bidding and cheers in advance! <3

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That's nice to hear. And I didn't even need to offer anything in return ^-^ Thank you so much for your generosity. Here's a picture of my family and I so you can get a head count. Hopefully you can secure enough tickets :D We're so excited! Thanks again <3


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