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[WTA] Tower Capping (ult) Plate Boots/Gloves + Mega Chicken [ENDED]

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There are three items up for grabs

All items will be auctioned separately so please make clear which item you are bidding on.

Auction will end at: 9pm 1/10 AEST

Accepting Cubes, Coal (6:1), diamonds 2/9/18


https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=522 (towards the bottem done by caimen)

I Reserve the right to not sell the items if I'm not satisfied with the final bid, or something along those lines

Let me know if i've left anything out/done something incorrectly (This is my first Forum Auction :D)

Happy bidding people :D

Auction is officially concluded

Winners of the auction are as follows:

Boots 6cv - AKT-konan

Gloves 9cv - Dimdra

Unfortunately ive started using the chicken on my monk and grown quite fond of it so i cannot part with it, my apologies for any inconvieniance.

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