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[ENDED] Ult+ Pristine Tower Helm & Almost 4 Cap Ult Tower Gladius

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Auction Ends: Wednesday 28th of September at around 7pm BST (British summer time)

Item checks: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/?scrollTo=1243814&page=522#1243814

Accepting: Cubes, Coal 6:1, Events(Traced Values Below)

Events Valued:

-Cavalary 25CV

-Rainmaker 170CV

-Alaaddin's Wish 60CV

-Magicite 120CV

-New Patch Celebration 110CV

-Vortex set (Hammer and Shield) 35CV

-Howling Werewolf 18CV

-Vamps Delight 20CV

-RockShatter 80CV

-Amor 40CV (i just want one for fun xD)

Current Offers:

Helm: 7CV (ClutchProgidy1)

Glad: 3coals ( AKT-Konan)

Animus: Sold to Dark for 15CV

I reserve the right to not sell if not satisfied with final bids <3

First auction so I don't even know if ult animus are a thing people like but might as well see ^^

Sometimes Akatti and KG pay out so here they are.

Happy Bidding Defenders! 

p.s let me know if i missed anything on my forum post




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sadly going to have to decline both the offer on the glad and the offer on the helm, offers are too low, had offers for helm of over 10cv ingame and over 2cv for glad, will pass on selling for now, might auction again in the future, thanks for bidding and gl dark with the squire animus =)

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