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@SpiderDanX quote:

@Seph quote:
  • If you see Carl, tell him his mom is calling. Dinner's ready.

No, you got the wrong person. That was Sora.....and we still don't know what became of his mom...lol

What? No. I meant Carl:)

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Let's try some helpful newb tips:

"In a multiplayer game? Don't hit g until your teammates are ready"

"You deserve a break - let autocollect pick up all that loot & gold after each battle! Will not help with your room, though..."

"Don't forget to open the mana chest between waves - will help upgrading and repairing your towers!"

"Rumors abound of unique weapons hidden away in Etheria - find any yet?"

"Some elements can combine to create special effects, like shocking your enemies or setting them ablaze"

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Throneroom closed tomorrow due to weekly cleaning

Don't miss the weekly speech of the high commander of the Abyss tomorrow in the Tavern. This weeks topic: Direct command - what it is and how to master it. Attendance highly recommended for all Abyss Lords.

Did you know Orcs don't know the difference between a regular explosive trap and an elemental chaos trap? Go out and show them!

Do you dare to walk on the ship outside in the heroes hub and jump into the fresh water of the river?

Eating or drinking on the wartable is strictly forbidden!

Tip: Not all of these tips here are completely useless!

Don't call it 'Dunegon' #blameBenny

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