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Black Mamba

So Trendy(or whoever maintains the forums)...

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Go compare how many new players you can find there posting questions and looking help related to troubleshooting, versus here, in last 1 week it self -- http://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/ Go ahead.
"My IRL partner-in-dungeon-defending, as an example, knows to come looking here for info and guides" -- LOL, clearly he/she is doing something incredibly wrong, or possibly living under a rock. Last guide created here was dunno whenever in 2014 or 2015 -- https://dungeondefenders.com/1/guides
All the top and most important guides are on Steam and viewed by a lot of people including newcomers. 

Also nothing of the sort of "moving" is being talked here. Moving means taking something from place/point A to place/point B. What me and few others are suggesting is replicating the few important threads here over to Steam and then simply conduct common business there, or make use of it along side these [GODAWFUL] forums if people are too attached to these.


tl-dr; I know quite a few newer players that know about the forums, but don't know anything about the steam guides / chats / resources available on steam, because steam doesn't make any of that readily available, you have to go hunting for it (I know people have to go looking for the forums, too; but it seems to me that people seem to know to go find official forums for games, not to look for the community on steam)

Just going to call that out as it is without mincing words -- truck load of BS, becasue this is what it shows on the landing page on Steam:


Like -- its literally there the moment you go on Steam. A right-click on the game from library also has all the links for Workshop, Guides, Discussions, Store Page etc. among other things. So that is why your claim that things aren't readily available is total BS!
Here's the thing, you have a habit of disagreeing and arguing just for the sake it, which is okay by me, but at least do your homework from the next time! :D
Now go ahead and tell me 10 valid reasons why these forums in their current state are better than Steam Discussions. Becasue until you can't the only "right" place for discussions appears to be Steam.

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Hey look, I forgot something yesterday -- but -- Steam Discussions/Community Hub, is displayed as HUGE BIG-A$$ BUTTON on the store page itself -- http://i.imgur.com/eiK2YDo.png so that even potential buyers can DIRECTLY go to Steam Discussions, and not HERE! LOL!

Where is the game available for purchase currently(in the current PC version)? Oh right, S-T-E-A-M! Hah! Who would've thought Valve hooking up people with a button so they can go to the Steam Discussions! :D People really like that you know, quite a lot, its easier than "googling" basic stuff about a game when all the relevant developer information is available there. Its a boon for indie developers who don't have to spend additional resources to make new forums when Vale has already done that for them! So there's a reason why Valve decided to create an easier alternative to Steam Public User Discussions "SPUD" (the old traditional forums, not integrated on Steam) to Steam Community User Discussions "SCUD".

I think you're just kidding yourself when you say all this isn't common knowledge or that people don't know. Or the fact that you're trying to pass-off isolated incidents as "people don't know these features", 2 people 3 people 10 people doesn't really count as "many people" when there's an average of 300 players per day. That falls under, margin of error of "extremely new" users. With every new technology there are early adopters, mainstream adopters, people who catch up too late, and finally people who refuse to move-on. That doesn't stop technology from progressing.

BTW, "helpful" forums posts are everywhere, here and there too, doesn't really mean much in this context. So... yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Let me break-down your argument to the basics -- you're allegedly against the usage of Steam Discussions over these forums -- based on -- "people don't know" much about Steam Discussions. But, the whole "people don't know" argument doesn't seem genuine, serious, or worthy enough to be considered without numbers, sheer numbers that is.
How many people exactly among the DunDef community that you've talked to do not know about said Steam features? Of these people, once they are made aware of those features -- would they oppose the usage of Steam Discussions should the CDT decided to conduct operations there, more frequently.
Finally, what exactly do these forums provide OVER/MORE THAN Steam Discussions that it wouldn't make sense to move over to Steam. Oh wait, come to think of it, I already asked you that:

Now go ahead and tell me 10 valid reasons why these forums in their current state are better than Steam Discussions. Becasue until you can't the only "right" place for discussions appears to be Steam.

Trying answering that ^ perhaps, like once? Just once! Please! :-)

Finally, just a quick correction on my behalf -- yes there are settings to change the landing page --
http://i.imgur.com/cCigN04.png -- However, its been sooooooooooo long that I've changed them, I can't really remember what was the default, nor is there any button to change that. So I'll give you the benefit of doubt. But hey, fret not -- you can access the Steam Discussions on a click of a button from your own "library landing" page -- http://i.imgur.com/p4qO2oq.png -- and even there the BIG-A$$ Steam Community button is shown, which again takes you to -- guess what the Steam Forums!
And I should be mean to rock-dwellers who oppose others and prevent them from progressing and going to greener-pastures! Maybe its time to come out of the rock. ;-)

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