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[Suggestion] Enrage

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Hello fellow defenders.

I'd like to hear your opinion on introducing enrage mechanics on a future map, or multiple future maps. Here's what I had in mind;

Completing a map with an enrage counter on nightmare will increase the counter by a small ammount. The higher your enrage counter, the more pissed off your enemies are and the more difficult the map becomes to complete again. The counter can be reset, this reset could be implemented in different ways, for example:

Periodic reset:

  • Once a day all counters for everyone will reset. Meaning that if you're doing better at completing this map you'll be able to farm it more frequently, or possibly continuously. In this situation there should probably be a cap on how high the enrage counter can climb. 
  • To prevent DD turning into a daily list of chores there should probably never be any significant ammount of maps with daily resets, one would probably be the max without it getting too frustrating.

Reset on demand:

  • You'll be able to reset the counter whenever you wish. In this situation higher enrage clears could have an increasingly higher chance of receiving a second drop of whatever map-specific drop is available on that map. Since you don't have the advantage of being able to farm it more frequently when better at it compared to periodic resets. 
  • This is probably easier to implement, and leaves some opportunity for leaderboards of the highest enrage clears done by the community. A cap wouldn't be necessary in this situation. 
  • An enrage reset could cost a certain ammount of mana, that is lower than the ammount you would get for clearing the map so you would never lose mana, even if you continuously reset after one clear. It could cost more for higher enrage counters, but would become relatively cheaper compared to the ammount you gained when you cleared on higher enrage. Making pushing higher more mana efficient as well.

The reason why I'd like to see something like this be implemented is because it allows for the release of maps that offer the challenge desired by high-end players without forcing them to handicap themselves, yet it doesn't  lock out mid-tier or casual players from this content. It would make a map enjoyable for everyone, yet it would still motivate people to improve their characters and optimise their builds. It could be a fun challenge for both mid and high level players to see how far they can push their builds. A new map with a mechanic like this could target a wider audience.

Since we got embermount last patch, which was targeted more towards higher level players I'm not asking for something like this to be implemented anytime soon. Ofcourse it's the mid-tier/casual player's turn to receive some love with a map targeted at them. But I think this would be a cool idea to keep in mind for later releases. This isn't something I'd want to see on every single map either.

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