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[Early Access] Patch 15.2 Notes and Discussion

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Here are the notes for Patch 15.2! (It's a small patch for a small week.)


  • We have optimized the way in which buffs replicate between the client and server.  Ask Javo (lead programmer) if you want more details, but this will hopefully be the first of several improvements in connection stability and performance.
  • The Awakening Weapons have been re-added to drop tables and all four are now available in the Throne Room.
  • Metrics stuff added and fixed behind the scenes because every move you make / we'll be watching you...

Bug Fixes

  • R3 now opens the pop-up shop in the pet menu again on PS4.
  • Lavamancer Shine Spark (Fissure) Passive now spawns on items with defense power.
  • Some enemies have finally left the nest and will no longer be hiding in spawn behind their mother's wing.
  • We changed two descriptions (one for EV2 and one for Lavamancer) which means its time for a treasure hunt!!!
  • Scorched Tome should now spit even moar hawt fiyah since it will only spawn with hero stats (if it knows what's good for it that is...)

That's it for the moment, but stay tuned for next week's Patch of Flying Daggers (nailed it! I should totally get to name stuff in game now -TimmyTrashTier).

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Scorched Tome only with hero stats? So basically you left only one builder weapon for AL in game and it's a random drop with one of the lowest chance?? Even EV weapon drops much more often... Seriously??? What's the point? 

I hope at least you won't reroll or remove what we got already so we can play AL...

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