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-WTA- Ult++ Over 490^ Boost Monk Crescent CLOSED

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Hey guys

My last auction didnt go to well but I hope I can do better this time as I have a better than ever weapon:


There is no reserve but if I am not satisfied with the final bid, I hold the right to not sell it.

Item was Ic'ed by acen

My Prices:      Coal - 15b     Cube - 7 coal 

I am not interested in diamonds.

Not really sure how much this thing is worth but I am taking events?


If you wish to see an un-blurred image, message me

THe auction will end 5 days after the first bid

Happy Bidding guys


c/o: 9cv to Ger Michili

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2 days left, bump, thanks for the great bids guys.

Btw, I just realised that the title was in all caps, sorry about that guys.

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