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[OVER][WTA] Ult Dps Chain Gloves,Capping Acc Hats,Ab2 capping fairy

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Hi defenders, i want to sell these stuffs

items have hidden reserve i wont sell items if im not satisfied with bids

item checked by acen :https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=516

END DATE: 10th of september 23:59 EEST


384^ Ult Gaunlets:3cv BLIZZNIZZ69 (Unsold reserve not meet)

Godly Santa Hat: 1cv  BLIZZNIZZ69 (Unsold reserve not meet)

Supreme Santa Hat: 1cv KiwiBlender14 (Unsold reserve not meet)







i have no idea on values so please if you bid events say its CV in the comment and please write which item u are bidding.

Happy bidding&defending





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Hey, extremely sorry but I will have to retract my bid for the DPS gloves.
Call it mad coincidence or luck, but I just found these on a KG NMHC MM run:

Not as good as yours, but it'll get the job done for my derpy side monk, just need to get him leveled up.
Apologize again for cancelling the bid.

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