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[WTA] Ult++ Mail DPS Chest

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Hey guys... I'm back and back with this beautiful piece i got on my first lot of lab runs since not playing for like 5 months xD 

Sadly i don't use mail otherwise i wouldn't be selling


Coal 6:1


Diamonds 5/10/15 (possibly triples if passes ic)

Any Soft Cap Perfect Builder Pets! (Treadmills, Rocks, Etc) 10 Cubes Per but only one type per bid. 

Example you can bid 1 Giraffe, 1 ToT, 1 KoB Etc. i don't want multiple laying around lol

Ult++ Builder Weapons 6**/6**/999/6*** - Price can be worked out as have no idea but heads up i am super picky :P


Aladins Wish - ?

Cavalry - 25 Cv

Rainmaker - 160 Cv

Glacier - 65 Cv

Magicite - 110 Cv

NPC - 80 Cv

I'm sure it goes without saying but gotta be trace events :)

Maybe some others as cant think of all events... and have no idea on values so please if you bid events say its CV in the comment :)

There is a hidden reserve and end date will be added later

C/O - nijoX - 120 Cv



IC for item!! :)

End Date: Monday 12th at 8pm GMT (any bids within 24 hours before then will extend the auction 24 hours)

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moonwalk, i uped coz i was going to use xD but cant be bothered to move sets around and shizz... 

thanks for info michili! :)

Johan that is it xD thanks

Updated with some event values going with previous auction values and CO updated :)

P.s i might add a few items im looking for with rough values if you would like to pay with items aswell as currency and/or events! :)

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@johan_kid quote:

Cavalry and Vortex set (80 cv?)

 also 40 cv for the cavalry seems a little high as only auction or sale of it ive found went for 20ish i think... so im gunna value is at 25 as i havent seen any auctions or sales of it recently lol

Edit: IC has been added! :)

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