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WTB Ult++(or pieces) Set for events/cubes for DPS Monk

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Looking to buy an armor set or pieces/ accessories to get my dps monk around 6-7k

I either need ult++ Mail gloves/boots or an entire new set-willing to pay for either(or both)

also looking for better acc's,primarily a new mask thats really strong

Im offering up:

Rainmaker, x2 Glaiciers+other events+cubes for what I'm looking for,so post what you have and asking price and I'll be happy to trade,thanks in advance,feel free to PM me or add me on steam since I forget to check forums qq


(IC required for all items)

SID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Deathdealer1877/

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hi Nick, i've got some ult++ pieces in my box. Give me a poke so you can check them out :)

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