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Squire Sword Location Question

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Looking for a map location so I can farm this sword, does anyone know where it drops? I play religiously and it's only dropped about twice for me. Once on the Demon Lair incursion believe it or not. But I've played Demon Lair at least 30 times a day since it came out so I think it was completely random in dropping. It's called the "Angel of Light" in my inventory but I can't find it on google anywhere. I located a wiki page but it has it listed as the "Mage's Legendary Weapon". It has a picture to the right so I provided the link below:


Thanks in advance, this is driving me NUTS.

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@Pegazul quote:

Its a random legendary skin. Can drop anywhere.

Ah I see. It's the Legendary sword and it drops in 1 of those 4 effin' skins. Alright sweet, farming I go. Thanks home skillet biscuit.

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