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Chest mana sometimes falls under the floor

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Sometimes when you open a chest, you don't get all of the mana.  Some of it flies down under the ground.  When it happens on maps like Tavern Defense where you can't actually see the mana, it seems like the chest gave you 50 less mana than normal (or whatever you lost).  On other maps like Embermount and Moonbase, you can see the mana beneath you, though you may or may not actually be able to retrieve it.

This bug is frustrating when you're trying to practice a consistent build that uses all available mana.  You have to either restart or choose what to leave out of your build when the game chooses to rob you of starting mana.

(Also frustrating: dropping your mana at the forge on TL, only to have some of it fall off the map because the forge is flying over a pit.  Avoidable, of course.)

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