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[WTB] Stuffs

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Payment will be made in Coals/Cubes/Mana/Runs. Subject to my discretion and your agreement

Things that I want to buy and hopefully can afford (they must be IC-ed of course):

  1. Ultimate^ Fusion Rift with positive side stats. (at least 350 ups)
  2. Capping DPS Supreme Mask, Brooch and Bracers of ANNATAR
  3. Coals
  4. Ultimate^ DPS Set (preferably leather or mail) but all is fine.
  5. Supreme Tower sets
  6. Ult++ DPS stat stick
  7. Capping DPS embermount accs set
  8. Tavern Defense Runs

so far just these. will add on to edit when i have something in mind. likewise, will cross out stuff that are already bought

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