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Dungeon Defenders 2: TeamSpeak 3! [Revised]

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Everyone welcome to my teamspeak, it has a special spot for Dungeon Defenders, currently has 50 slots, and I can easily upgrade if more needed.

  • Need voice in a game and don't have it? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • Want to have a small side community to either just talk as you play or discuss game related things? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • Bored, got nothing to do? Dungeon Defender community rocks, join the TeamSpeak Server! and do something with other Defenders!
  • Wanna trade ideas with other defenders quickly without forum posting? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • Looking for a good time? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • Are you a boy or a girl? Doesn't matter, Join theTeamSpeak Server!
  • Feeling alone and helpless, like no one likes you? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • What came first, the chicken or the egg? Join the TeamSpeak Server!
  • There's a cute Puppy in the teamspeak... so... Join the TeamSpeak Server!

Team speak server: 


oh and... Join the Teamspeak Server!

How to join Teamspeak:

  1. Download Teamspeak 3 here.
  2. Configure your settings.
  3. Go on the top left corner where it says "connect" type the address "dundef2uno.teamspeakcp.com" and the name you want to join with then click Connect.
  4. Go onto bookmarks and add the address as a bookmark, fill the info on your name and have it bookmarked to quick join simply by clicking on bookmarks.
This Idea Was Originally "Gutu's" but he has shut his down. So i have recreated it. I hop you enjoy!

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@Omigon Kinto quote:

Please let me know if anything is not working. I am still working on everything.

I'm curious; Why use TeamSpeak? Discord is so much better and can hold thousands of people; You can also create text channels and voice channels endlessly

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