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Devstream General Feedback/Recommendations Thread

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Last dev was pretty disappointing I think (and the chat seemed to agree). I was not expecting much because the next update is not the biggest ever in terms of content but you showed the new incursion map for quite a while without ever showing the only interesting part of the map (aka completing the ritual to dps the monsters). And overall you just repeated what was said on the website over and over (and the recap repeat that once more). We didn't learned anything new except that the minimap looks incredibly confusing and that there is no more a roof on the map and a secret path only for players go all along the east side of the map.

And the second part of the stream was not that terrible but the "goofy funny" tone was too much, I really like Daniel Haddad and he always has interesting things to say but it felt like a lot of time was wasted on silly bowtie stuff and all. If we had a lot on info lately on the devblogs and all I would not mind but lately it has been very dry info wise we still know almost nothing about the Mystic and all. So having so much time on void content was a bit sad.

And overall I think that camera from super far away feels very weird.

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