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Plane's list of bugs and feature requests

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Some of these are bugs, and some of these are just things I think would be nice:

  1. If you respec when you have a level up available, you are forced to level up to apply your points, but the experience bonus (sold by the tavernkeep) does not become available.  If I forget about this bug and respec before leveling up, I lose my experience bonus forever :(
  2. Placing auras takes different amounts of time on different maps.  People often ask me how I can place my aura stack so fast when we run CD, and it's just because aura placement is near instantaneous on that map, while it takes a noticeable amount of time to place auras on other maps (for example Tavern Defense).
  3. I once ran into a bug where there were two of eveyrthing in the host's tavern, like two overlapping cores and two overlapping tavernkeeps, etc.  When I hit ESC, it showed two of every player, and it showed two of every item on the tavern floor as well.  The game got very buggy!  I went to my own tavern afterwards, but it showed the players from the other tavern in mine (even though they hadn't joined), and when I tried to exit to the main menu, the game crashed.  Anyway, here's what it looked like:


  4. It's not clear from the name what 'show match' / 'hide match' does.  As you know, it prevents anyone from joining a public or private game, and it does remove the game from public listings.  However, it SOUNDS like it turns a public game into a private game or vice versa, and it certainly doesn't do that!  I have to click 'hide match' every time i start a private game because random people keep joining my private games from my steam profile, but this is very counterintuitive, and it took me a long time to understand.
  5. Sometimes clicking 'show match' or 'hide match' does nothing.  Closing the menu and opening it again makes the button work.
  6. The map for Karathiki is inaccurate at the far left/right, where it shows stairs that don't exist:


    Instead of taking the stairs that don't exist, you have to walk up a ramp that isn't shown on the map.  This is very confusing for people trying to use the map to navigate while using a BF Drill on Greater Turkey Hunt.
  7. The secret room on the Moonbase map (in the lower right) looks odd.  It seems to be positioned wrong, or maybe it's the wrong size or shape.
  8. The item box says 570 \ 600 instead of the correct 570 / 600.
  9. The Eternian Staff should be a more useful reward.  I've got my DPS apprentice and adept geared up to kill the Old One, and it's really fun, but it's really very unrewarding.  I usually end up farming CD with monk because the Eternian Spear is the only really good reward.  The Eternian Cannon and Eternian Greatsword are decent, but the Staff is just awful.  I mean, 94 dmg/up for ult, really?  Just +3 more than myth?  Why make rifts super easy to get and very overpowered while keeping Eternian Staves in the garbage bin?
  10. In the tavern, the 'g' menu doesn't work properly after controller characters join and then leave.  Specifically, certain mouse clicks no longer work: the page down arrow on map select and the 'campaign' button on map select.  Starting a map and returning to the tavern fixes this.  (This happens with both real controllers and emulators.)
  11. 'Difficulty' is a clickable button on map select that seems to increase difficulty by 1 level.  I'm not sure why this is useful, but if it is useful in some way, wouldn't it be better for it to cycle back to easy once you reach nightmare?  Right now, if you click this button while nightmare is selected, it doesn't do anything.
  12. You can drop items outside your tavern.  A long time ago, I tried to make a pile of cubes in the corner of my basement, and before I realized what I'd done, I'd dropped two cubes outside the map, which I suppose destroyed them forever :(
  13. I have seemingly random but very rare crashes during maps.  Maybe 1 in 20 survivals ends due to a random crash.
  14. It's very hard to look at the Nightmare Playin' Anticupid trophy in the tavern, because the game focuses on the Ultimate Defender trophy instead.  You have to get just the right angle to see its name.
  15. Pets float at different heights. Sometimes pets are below the floor and can't be seen, which is confusing.  (Haven't checked to see if this one's fixed in the beta.)
  16. Some pets are extremely large, which makes for very poor visibility, in particular ToTs and Mega Chickens.  The moonbase minigame can be very difficult to play with two giant treadmills on treadmills blocking the screen.  An option to make pets invisible, smaller, or transparent would be great - just something to help with the major visibility problems.  I also often have my entire screen covered by a mega chicken (viewed from the inside!) while running around on my DPS jester.
  17. Although I've done the Crystalline Dimension a lot of times, in only one run, the rising platform glitch killed me.  I sank into the platform and died instead of moving up with it.  It seems to be a very rare glitch, but it can still happen in 8.1.  Since it's so rare and I don't know how to cause it deliberately, I haven't been able to reproduce it in 8.2. (This was on the real Old One battle, not Old One Practice.)
  18. Cursed items can be extremely overpowered.  Is this intentional? It's very hard to find good ones, but I found a cursed tyrfing in 8.1 with few negatives and a quite a lot of upgrades that lets my level 1 squire do 11k DPS.
  19. Likewise, Turtles on Treadmills can be rather unbalanced, given that most can be used at level 30, and they can have 400s for stats.  I suppose this must be intentional.
  20. On Moraggo, it's too hard to see the Genie King lamps.  For example, this lamp is hard to see:


    It's also too hard to target the lamps to press 'e'.  This isn't as bad on Boss Rush because they're easier to see on that map, but they could still be easier to target. 
  21. On Moraggo, donkeys should be easier to target to press 'e'.  It's easy to walk up to a donkey like this and not be able to hit 'e':


  22. War of the Djinn should be shorter.  Most people I've talked to hate doing this achievement. Although you can get faster at it with practice, it's still a very long map, and most people will do it only once and won't enjoy it very much because of the length.
  23. Call to Arms could be rebalanced to be more useful.  It costs too much mana and scales too poorly right now.
  24. It would be nice to be able to hide your own accessories from other players. Given how huge the stat gains are from accessories, most players are not willing to go without them, but most good accessories look bad (I am so tired of all my characters being bearded!), so most characters in this game look bad.
  25. Nightmare should never give worse rewards on average than Insane. (Is this addressed already?)
  26. You can stack harpoons with move tower.  Here's a picture of 19 harpoons on a 4 DU buff beam:


    You could do it before the beta, and you can still do it in the beta.  Sometimes when you use move tower, half a second after you position a tower, the game moves it to a new location.  You can then use move tower again on another tower, and the game will move it to roughly the same location, stacking them.  This is kind of broken.  (You can do it with other towers too, by the way.  I just stacked a bunch of lightning towers.)
  27. Monkeys can't shoot through walls, but they try to do it all the time.
  28. Temple of Love seems to have a reduced frame rate, except for the player that's hosting.  I don't really understand this.
  29. Wheel unfortunately becomes more difficult to use with lower frame rates (but is there any way to solve this?)
  30. Remote Defense Boost is very confusing to use and could be improved.
  31. You can stack inferno traps in the tavern and they all hit the dummy, although it doesn't work on actual mobs, so it's not a big deal.
  32. It would be great if the game remembered the 'hardcore' setting between sessions.  One of the things I hate most is when I've walked into the Crystalline Dimension portal without setting 'hardcore'.  Since it doesn't use the regular map interface, it's easy to forget the checkbox before you begin, and sometimes I only notice after I clear the map :(
  33. You can buy the experience bonus at level 100, but if you forget and hit the experience cap, you can't ever buy it.
  34. When two enemies get stuck in each other, often only the host can see their true location, and they appear to be in different spots (often moving) for all the non-host players.  This is confusing for everyone and makes maps take longer than they should.
  35. Sky City has a fan on the south end to help players get back to the center of the map so they don't get stuck.  The north side of Sky City should have a fan like that too.  It's easy for players who jump on the battleship at northwest to get stuck there.
  36. It'd be nice to have an option to hide items below your quality filter entirely, not just on the map.  This would make it much easier to pick up items you've filtered for.  The god beams are great, but it can still be hard to pick up an item without picking up three junk items in front of it sometimes.
  37. "Stun enemies" causes a massive lag spike for everyone but host, sometimes leading to game over.  Could this be optimized somehow?
  38. I'd like "damage all" to work on the dummy, either by pretending it has a fixed amount of health (so if it does 50% damage, pretend it has 100,000 health and show 50,000 damage) or by showing a percentage instead of a regular damage number.
  39. Please increase the mana token cap from 2B.  Trading large amounts of mana without this is tedious.
  40. When items are dropped directly on the Crystalline Dimension portal in the tavern, they can never be picked up again.  The only way around this is to hide the portal by going to a higher skill level or hardcore, but once the portal's available on NMHC this is no longer possible:


  41. Add a maximum level option for joining games.  Many players want to run low level only games, but there's no way to prevent level 100s from joining.
  42. When repairing/upgrading, you can use alt + scrollwheel or minus/plus or 'e' to choose which overlapping tower you want to repair or upgrade.  Please make this possible for move tower as well.  I needed this recently but couldn't do it :( 
  43. It's great that the camera no longer rotates when placing beams, but I'd really like to be able to intentionally rotate the screen using the "rotate camera" button.  I'm so used to doing this that it's rather jarring in the new version being unable to.
  44. Stacking minions is buggy.  I'm fairly certain that stacking is a bug to begin with, and I don't think the community would like to see the bug fixed, but the current state of stacking is just annoying.  for example, if you've just used the scroll wheel, you need to wait several seconds before you start stacking or it will fail.  (My guess is the camera is still moving on the Z axis at that point, preventing stacking from working, but the movement is so small it's not visible to the player.)
  45. Ogre minions sometimes walk off of buff beams, making them much less useful than they could be. 
  46. Very rarely, the snowman and cupid on Tavern Defense will spawn in the wrong spots (they trade places).  One time I was waiting under the cupid spawn ready to hawk, but to my surprise the snowman spawned on top of me, instantly killing me.  Not cool (though I have to admit it was pretty funny).  I'm not sure why this happens, but I've seen them switch places two or three times out of a very large number of TD runs, so it's not very common.
  47. The physics of mana following you is frame rate dependent.  When I have 4 characters out on Winter Wonderland, my frame rate tends to be pretty awful, and I notice the mana does a very lackluster job of following me.
  48. Adding a "sort folder" button to your hero shop would be great.  Sometimes I remove all the armor from my shop then add it back, because that puts it all in order, but doing it that way is kind of tedious!  Being able to swap item locations by dragging would be cool too.
  49. Make ignoring the puzzle in Riddle of the Deep more detrimental.  In public games I often see people refuse to do the puzzle at all because they know you can get the achievement without bothering.  Admittedly, this is with higher stats than are required to clear Aquanos.
  50. Please make it so you can walk across this line on Boss Gauntlet without jumping:


    There are parts of the line you can walk across and parts you can't.
  51. Guardian pets can spawn without a boost stat, making them useless.
  52. Items can spawn with upgrades but with no stats to upgrade.
  53. Sometimes panels on the Moonbase mini-game don't work even though I'm clearly standing on them.  For example, I'll step on the upper left arrow, wait, and get a point, and then I'll stay on that arrow because there are three of them in a row and I want to hit the rest, but for some reason I miss the next two. 
  54. Sometimes panels on the Moonbase mini-game refuse to work for an entire game, resulting in a score of -40 no matter what I do.  I've noticed this seems to happen when one player steps on the center panel and another player activates the game, but sometimes it happens in single player.  I don't really have a good way to reproduce it other than playing the mini-game a lot.
  55. I like to run public CD games, but when I do, people sometimes join and hit 'g' before I start building, losing the game for everyone.  It would be nice if I could kick them from my game to stop the timer.
  56. My friend tried to bind ActivateCrystal on his xbox controller, but no matter what he did he couldn't activate the crystal (to start waves, like pressing 'g') remotely.  He tried binding it to right trigger and y, but it never worked, so he always has to walk to the crystal to start waves.
  57. Buccaneer Bay shows an "all cores and players healed" message at the end as though there is a boss, but there isn't one.
  58. With certain builds it seems possible for ogres to push archer minions out of the way, although this doesn't happen in general.  It used to happen to me with a one-core Moonbase build (on the east side of the center core), and I believe it happens to ThePoet on his Winter Wonderland survival build.
  59. There are many places players can go that cause all or most of the spiders on a map to hold still.  You have to memorize which locations you can stand at to keep the spiders moving.  This can happen even if only one player is at such a location.  For certain builds I use extra auras just to kill spiders that hold still.
  60. Sometimes weapons with negative projectile speed shoot as you'd expect (shots that move very slowly), and other times they seem to shoot as though their projectile speed is something like 1.  My huntress has a Moby's Mobile Launcher with -8093 speed, and sometimes I can make fun patterns in the air with it, but other times the negative projectile speed doesn't work, even though it's the exact same weapon.  I'm not sure why.
  61. You can place auras that overlap the Christmas trees in Silent Night by reducing your range to 0 and then restoring it (with anti-range equipment or simply taking your armor off).  If auras can overlap spawns now, why not Christmas trees?  In the beta, I don't need my anti-range armor to build auras overlapping spawns anymore, but I still need it to build auras overlapping trees (and traps overlapping crystals).
  62. Moving characters between pages is possible once you get the hang of it, but is unexpectedly difficult.
  63. Weapons can spawn so small that they miss the tavern dummy at point blank.  I have a very small Lemurian Halberd that always misses with the third swing.
  64. Mana bomb is too loud.  It's kind of annoying when evil heroes use mana bomb.
  65. Sometimes you can't see the second weapon a jester/EV has equipped.  If they switch characters and switch back, it's fixed.
  66. Switching characters at the very last moment before a boss wave begins can mess up the boss wave.
  67. The first three shards maps have challenges, but Sky City doesn't seem to.  It should have a Copter Hunt challenge :)
  68. When I equip a chicken on my summoner and fly out to the dragon boss outside the map on Summit, the chicken doesn't seem to attack it.  I can kill it outside the map simply by shooting it with a gun, though.
  69. On King's Game, "core health partially restored" doesn't scale with difficulty, making it useless on Nightmare.
  70. You should hide the canopy while placing beams and minions on Akatiti.
  71. On Tavern Defense in phase shift overlord mode, it shouldn't be so easy to flash heal the roof when you're viewing the inside of the tavern.
  72. I still run up the northwest side of Mistymire all the time and teleport north.  I know you can avoid it, but it's hard to avoid doing it accidentally in my opinion.
  73. Ogres on Buccaneer Bay should have pirate hats like the mini-ogres do on Halloween Spooktacular 2.
  74. Djinn take less than full damage from inferno traps and electric auras, but a friend who was in my game reported seeing full damage, not reduced damage.  I haven't verified this yet, but perhaps the damage reduction is displayed wrong for non-host players?
  75. If you look at this image:


    I can tell it says 49,897, but the '4' looks like a '9' to me, and I used to get very confused by this font, particularly when there was no '9' in the damage number to compare it to.  I think the '4' should be changed.
  76. The jester's slow motion also slows down menu animations.  This seems strange.
  77. When a player dies on Crystalline Dimension, they can't hit 'g', so you have to wait for the clock to run out.  It seems like once all living players have hit 'g', the wave should begin.
  78. When a player dies on Crystalline Dimension with no lives left, if the surviving players go through a portal, those players are taken to the next part of the map, but the dead player is left behind.  They have to turn the camera until they find the next area off in the distance, then slowly fly their camera there.  This seems like a bug.
  79. When the game is *severely* laggy, you tend to die when swapping characters at the forge.  You can also join a very laggy game and started out briefly dead in the user's tavern.  I've seen this on multiple maps, but especially on Tinkerer's Lab for some reason.
  80. Sometimes when the game is laggy, the Goblin Battlecruiser boss is invisible:


  81. On Tinkerer's Lab, I usually build a minion wall to the east side of the southeast crystal.  Mini-ogres spawn on the floor below and walk to the area beneath this minion wall, and they seem to try to attack it from beneath, although they can't quite manage to damage anything.
  82. As everyone knows, there are many places for EVs to get stuck on Lab Assault.  A large part of learning to play this map is learning how to avoid getting EVs stuck.  It would be better if EVs were more reliably killed when they fell to these areas.  Sometimes it can be very difficult or impossible to make them jump when they're stuck underneath the map.

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Nice list, some things are old though, anyways good work. :)

Agreeing/disagreeing to some and added my 2 cents :D

1. I'd say not a bug. XP becomes available just once per level. If you skip several levels you shouldn't be able to post-purchase XP from Tavernkeep.

2. Can't reproduce, seems to be equal for me on any map.

3. Probably caused by a hacker. (Also if you joined your own tav later)

4. Did had no issue to understand their meaning. Private games are friends-only games while public games are available for all players. It's similar to public/private instances from other games. Hiding your game, will hide your game so nobody is able to join you.

5. I can confirm this bug.

6. Yay, it isn't up-to-date, drawing stairs or not isn't that important. BTW it's not limited to these locations. Also an overall more detailed overview on this map would help when running while minimap is shown.

7. I'm adding: Plane is talking about the overview. Not that big of a deal, it's a "secret" area. Probably intended to not been shown on minimap.

8. Good catch :)

9. Couldn't agree more and several times suggested to make App's CD reward more powerful. However, do not increase damage per upgrade because it would screw all existent App CD rewards. Instead improve its internal scaling, like it happened with Obsidians.

10. Can't reproduce, neither with real controllers nor emulators.

11. I didn't even known you can click on Difficulty... I click directly the difficulty I want to play on. Though, for controller users it would be nice to start from easy again.

12. haha :P

13. Too unclear to narrow down any cause.

14. ...

15. Yay, I love when they are flying deep while being equipped but dropping them on ground will bury them.

16. I love big pets though and I wouldn't want an option to make them invisible when other players won't see the pets. I want to see which pets they are using without the need to inspect them. Get a smaller pet or used to big ones :)

17. I'm remembering this bug back in the days... seems completely fixed for me with v8.0

18. These cursed items are coming from Nightmare and you won't get them as beginner unless you buy them from people who actually can run maps on NM already... for whose these cursed items are junk. No change required.

19. Intended, they won't have such stats on other difficulties than NM. If you are saying Turtles are OP I'm curios to know your view on Fishes and ToTs, Moonbase is ridicolous easy compared to Akatiti and you can play Moonbase on Insane to get really good ones.

20. Turn on sound, you hear them pretty well and if a Djinn/Genie King is inside them they smoke. I'm more interested to being able to activate them more easily. (Like you suggest it with Donkeys below.)

21. haha, haven't seen the picture but was exactly thinking about that one. A lil bigger trigger range would be nice.

22. Definitely agree, it's actually a cool map but it takes forever. Either increase Djinn spawn rate or decrease required numbers of caught Djinns. Rumble in the Jungle does it better, but still needs some adjustment.

23. I'm fine with its scaling but compared to Monk's Hero boost it eats mana like hell. Lower mana cost would be really fine.

24. If you care about the look of heroes you are certainly willing to let some points on the way. It's not like we would be in need for the stats of accessories to make our heroes powerful.

25. What does mean average to you? And what maps are you talking about? Nightmare has the possibility to drop extraordinary good items, therefore it should also have the possibility to drop worse. If you are talking about Insane HC Chicken/Treadmills... yes NM should have at least same possibilities because we know it isn't like that. This has been already talked about.

26. That's something new, you were able to move them close with Tower Move but not that close. Definitely a bug introduced with v8.0 or later.

27. Yay, target priority should be visible > hidden enemies. They do splash damage and can hit enemies behind walls.

28. Can't reproduce, it's fine for me as client and host unless a players connection is bad.

29. No clue what you mean.

30. It's well described actually. It boosts all towers all over the map if you are boosting the builder of the towers. The builder has to be active.

31. ...

32. True.

33. You can't because you cannot earn more XP. Intended and wouldn't make any sense to buy it then.

34. True. Especially if flying enemies and Sharkens stuck.

35. It's a trap and you should have learned your lesson once you fall into the trap.

36. Not a big deal. About the item filter, I would like to be able to set a minimum amount of upgrades an item should have to be displaced on minimap. Trans with 110-150^ or Sups with 170-200^ are junk, I've recently seen tons of those on Kings Game survival. Annoying to check every purple dot just too see... 112^, 138^, 124^ and so on.

37. No issue here.

38. Has been suggested, agree. It's easier for people without depth inside.

39. Mana Tokens are completely out. Instead of creating bigger Mana Tokens just add the ability to type in an amount on the trade UI

40. Another way is to use a controller. Also a lesson you should run just once. I agree though, you should be able to drop it there in first place.

41. True. There is the ability to kick people though. Common sense, you won't join a low level game unless you are going to change your hero.

42. Agreed. Especially auras are very hard to catch.

43. ha! I guess something the CDT isn't using like me. ^^ Yay rotate buttons should still work if you actually use them. A bug!

44. Yay, you should be able to just stack a minion over a spider. Stacking minions isn't even required and for sure a bug, hence once you move your mouse a pixel you won't be able to continue stacking.

45. Yes, a bug or due to their attack range while being a melee defense.

46. Never happened to me but sounds funny when it happens ^^

47. It's due to the physics calculating for each frame.

48. Some default sorting would be nice. A thread would be nice about it...

49. It actually is hard but stats are way beyond the point you have to care about ;) A beast of a challenge back in the days.

50. Clipping error. Yes.

51. ....

52. :D

53. The trigger seems to be in the corner to the center tile, where you start at the beginning.

54. Yay, several players screw that machine.

55. Therefore I hide CD in building phases ^^

56. Your friend doesn't configured the controller correctly. Works perfectly on real, emulated controllers such as keyboard emulated controllers.

57. I certainly would like a boss, how about a Captain Sharky spawning at the ship being able to push all kind of defenses? LOVE LOVE

58. Yay, some Ogres seems to be able to push defenses, not only minions also regular towers. I always wondered if it's intended or an issue assigned attributes to an enemy.

59. The CDT has worked on that issue but it still needs adjustment. If a spider or warrior can't setup a path to a real player (due to whatever reason) they should target any defense with physical health.

60. You change from NM to any other difficulty by any chance? NM affects projectile speed.

61. I've talked about it several times. Also traps can not be placed underneath crystals but building in spawn is completely fine now. I'm still for a complete revert of it. It adds some aspects to the strategy which is coming to short nowadays. I also suggested that build auras won't increase their range they are build with when changing equipment but decrease their range (to avoid building with specialized ranged gear just to switch to specialized gear for high damage)

62. A hint at the hero selection screen would be nice.

63. I love small weapons... I have a mini-saw :)

64. True. Also Apps and Adepts bombs are very loud.

65. Adding to that: It happens for all 2-weapon classes, exclusively when you are inspecting other users, so it's an issue of missing communication between clients.

66. No clue. But you can also die at the forge when you swap heroes at the very last second.

67. ...

68. ...

69. ...

70. Hell yes or make it at least some kind of transparent viewing from the top.

71. Agreed.

72. You do that on intention, no? Never teleported accidentally into the spawn. :)

73. Details!!! Still want to meet Captain Sharky and his crew...

74. Djinns have a higher resistance and indeed numbers are shown wrongly for clients. Also when you are using Enemy Drain from Initiate.

75. ...

76. Intended, the whole game will be slowed :)

77. Yay, agreed much.

78. True.

79 True. Also mentioned above anywhere... :)

80. For clients only as I'm remembering.

81. Yes, they do hit though.

82. Yes some kill triggers are missing, also they stuck on certain places over and over again. Although Lab is an overpowered map for its difficulty I'd like to have EV icons on the minimap or at least fixing the stuck-age.

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Another move tower bug.  Presents can be infinitely stacked in any location:


Use move tower and put one present in a new spot, then move another present onto the same spot.  Repeat as much as you like.  It doesn't work with towers other than presents.  (You can move non-presents onto presents, but then you can't stack any more on top because the non-present is in the way.)

This is not the same bug I used to stack harpoons before:


The bug I used for harpoons only works in certain map locations but works with any tower.  That one is a bug in the auto-repositioning that sometimes happens when you use move tower to place towers closer together than they want to be, and doesn't require you to be able to place the towers directly on each other.

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@Plane quote:

  1. Pets float at different heights. Sometimes pets are below the floor and can't be seen, which is confusing.  (Haven't checked to see if this one's fixed in the beta.)
  2. Some pets are extremely large, which makes for very poor visibility, in particular ToTs and Mega Chickens.  The moonbase minigame can be very difficult to play with two giant treadmills on treadmills blocking the screen.  An option to make pets invisible, smaller, or transparent would be great - just something to help with the major visibility problems.  I also often have my entire screen covered by a mega chicken (viewed from the inside!) while running around on my DPS jester.

Floating height depends on pet size, the bigger it gets the higher it floats. Very tiny ones can appear to be sunk in the floor. Very big ones start to sink in the ground when you equip them.

Pets have a hidden growth multiplier which decides how much the pet will grow with each upgrade. It's random, some can grow very big while others stay small. From what I've seen it has no connection to the starting size of the pet or its maximum number of ^.

Some of us like huge pets / collect huge pets / exhibit pets on floor / color-code pets with character / etc, it wouldn't be nice if others can't see our hard work.

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Last i checked number 2 is a thing. try building auras with 500 casting rate on cd and then on ww nmhc. 

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