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[Hero Suggestion 3] Mecha-May!

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Hello Heroes, this is my third Hero suggestion. If you'd like to see the first two, links will be at the bottom of this post. Please comment and let me know what you think in all my threads. It helps a lot and is much appreciated :)

For a better understanding of my status effects mentioned in this post (Burning) check out my status effect thread: Status Effects & Conditions.

In order to understand the values I assign to my Hero ideas, you're going to need to understand what the current Tower values in the game are. To do this, I stripped all of my heroes of items/level ups/and spheres and only kept their level 50 status so that I may see a unadulterated look at each tower.The following is a list of how much damage a single target tower should be doing at each DU set, based off the damage Skeletal Archers do per second. (This is Pre-Nerf numbers; post-nerf values were reduced by about 25%)

  • 10 DU = 56520 DU = 113030 DU = 169540 DU = 226050 DU = 282560 DU = 339070 DU = 395580 DU = 452090 DU = 5085100 DU = 5650

Next you need to understand the blank stats for the current blockades in the game - and then we're good to go.

  • Arcane Barrier - 20 DU - 1476 Damage when exploding - 28762 Health
  • Spike Blockade - 30 DU - 30514 Health - Stats: 615/1.5s = 410 DPS when attacked.
  • Skeletal Orc - 40 DU - 49200 Health - 1230 DDPS (DDPS stands for Dummy DPS) - Stats: 1230/1.43s = 860 DPS - Range 650

You'll also need to understand the current hero damage. This is trickier to observe, so I looked at the average stats for Heroes while they are completely naked, just like with towers.

  • Average Health: 4,000 ~ 5,000 Unequipped (15,000-ish with some Hero Health gear)
  • Gun Witch dealt 1,700ish DPS unequipped. (Skeletal Archers deals 1750 total, for comparison)
  • Naked Resistances (0 Phys, 0 Magical) - While equipped, these on average rose to 800 - 1000 total.
We're also going to need to look at some of the different Range values in the game.
  • Skeletal Archers & Ballista uses 4,000 Range.
  • Skeletal Ram uses 3,001 Range.
  • Flameburst & Cannonball Towers uses 2,400 Range
  • Sky Guard Tower uses 3,500 (360 Degree) Range
  • Lightning Aura has 550 (360 Degree) Range

Mecha-May is a fun and energetic Hero that will truly utilize a Hybrid build in order to function. Instead of traditional defenses and abilities, Mecha-May instead calls down different suits of armor to wear. She does not require neither mana or DU to function, making her the perfect hero to swap to and play the game after all defenses are placed and ready. While inside a suit, her Health, Resistances, Movement Speed, and Attack are all altered according to each suit. She can eject from her current suit, setting it to auto-pilot mode which makes it act as a temporary defense for a time. Mecha-May can call down, summon, and eject from as many suits as she wants. This allows her a very adaptive play style, as well as allowing players to constantly stay active in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.

To eject from a suit, you simply press the Hotkey of the suit you're in. While outside of a suit, Mecha-May utilizes a small plasma blaster to deal low damage. Her equipped weapon slot however; is the Power Core which is essential to powering her suits.

Her suits are split between two specializations; Assault & Support. Assault suits scale with the combined stats of Tower Damage and Hero Damage. Support Suits scale with the combined stats of Tower Damage and Ability Power. This allows her to become the first true hybrid hero in the game.

Hero Health, Hero Crit Chance and Hero Crit Damage; only affect Mecha-May when she's outside of her suit and thus are not beneficial.

Tower Range, Tower Speed, Tower Crit Chance, and Tower Crit Damage all affect her suits while equipped and while on auto-pilot.

Tower Health does nothing for her or her suits. Her suits health is built in and scales with her suit's respective scaling stats.

All Auto-Pilot suits lasts for 30 seconds.

Alright, with all that said - let's get to her kit!

ASSAULT SUITS - Scale with Tower Damage and Hero Damage. (Benefits from Tower Range, Tower Speed, Tower Crit Chance, and Tower Crit Damage)

Suit 1: Tank

  • A heavy, bulky suit of armor.
  • Attacks with its large fists.
  • Default Health: 20,000
  • Default Resistances: 500 Physical, 300 Magical
  • Single Target Melee Attacks - Deals 1,800 Physical / 1.25 Seconds (1450 DPS)
  • Move Speed: 85%
  • AUTO-PILOT - The Tank suit starts a self-destruction sequence of 3 seconds. After 3 seconds it explodes in a massive AoE (Range 2000) dealing 7,500 Physical damage to enemies in the blast.
Suit 2: Riot Control
  • A light, vulnerable suit with high multi-target damage.
  • Attacks with twin flamethrowers from both palms.
  • Default Health: 4,000
  • Default Resistances: 0 Physical, 0 Magical
  • Line of Fire Ranged Attack (2,400 Range) - Deals 1,500 Fire Damage / 1.00 Second (1,500 DPS) and inflicts Burning. (Total DPS: 2,000)
  • Move Speed: 110%
  • AUTO-PILOT - The Riot Control suit remains stationary and douses enemies in front, within range, with fire.
  • AP Stats: Health 4,000 - Deals 1,000 Fire Damage / 1.00 Second, Inflicts Burning (Total DPS 1,333) - Range 2000

Suit 3: Soldier

  • An average suit, with decent durability and high single target damage.
  • Attacks with wrist-mounted machine guns.
  • Default Health: 14,000
  • Default Resistances: 200 Physical, 200 Magical
  • Single Target Ranged Attacks - Deals 440 Physical / 0.20 Seconds (2200 DPS)
  • Move Speed: 100%
  • AUTO-PILOT - The Soldier suit will fly up into the air and remain there for its duration, attacking enemies within its range. Prioritizing Airborne Enemies.
  • AP Stats: Health 15,000 - Deals 300 Physical / 0.20 Seconds (1500 DPS) - Range 3,000

Ability: Ordinance (Work in progress)

SUPPORT SUITS - Scale with Tower Damage and Ability Power. (Benefits from Tower Range, Tower Speed, Tower Crit Chance, and Tower Crit Damage)

Suit 1: Life Support

  • A light suit of armor that supercharges other heroes.
  • Attacks other heroes with an arcane dart - supercharging their stats for a long period of time.
  • Default Health: 5,000
  • Default Resistances: 250 Physical, 450 Magical
  • Single Target vs. Heroes - Attack rate of 1 Shot / 1.00 Second - Causes heroes to be Supercharged for 16 seconds, attacking an already Supercharged hero will refresh the duration.
  • Supercharge Effects: +33% Move Speed, +33% Attack Speed, +33% Hero Damage, +33% Ability Power, +33% Resistances.
  • While Supercharged: Heroes heal 3,500 Health / Second
  • Move Speed: 100%
  • AUTO-PILOT - The Life Support suit stands stationary for its duration, dispensing Supercharge to heroes within Line of Site.
  • AP Stats: Range 4,000 - Supercharges a Hero every 4 Seconds - Supercharge only lasts 3 seconds - Heals 1,500 / Second

Suit 2: Stealth

  • An highly-mobile suit that goes stealth to deal high damage.
  • Attacks with a magical energy blade in sweeping motions.
  • Default Health: 9,000
  • Default Resistances: 0 Physical, 300 Magical
  • Slashing Melee Attacks - Deals 1,400 Magical / 0.75 Seconds (1,850 DPS)
  • This suit goes invisible every 6 seconds out of combat.
  • The next attack after being in stealth deals 1500% bonus damage.
  • Move Speed: 125%
  • AUTO-PILOT - The Stealth suit vanishes and reappears every 5 seconds in a random lane to make a stealth attack.
  • AP Stats: Lasts for 30 seconds (6 Attacks Total), Stealth Attack deals 8,000 Magical Damage. Prioritizes mini-bosses.

Suit 3: Directive: Repair

  • A slow, clunky suit that exists to repair defenses.
  • Uses extremely accurate spark blasters to snipe enemies or defenses.
  • Attacking a defense heals it for 50% of the damage dealt.
  • Default Health: 15,000
  • Default Resistances: 200 Physical, 150 Magical
  • Single Target Attack - Deals 4,200 Electricity Damage / 2.0 Seconds (2,100 DPS)
  • Move Speed: 90%
  • AUTO-PILOT - Directive: Repair suit will run to nearby defenses in its patrol range to repair them slowly.
  • AP Stats: Patrol Range 2000 - Heals defenses for 2,400 Health / 2 seconds - Heal Range 600

Ability: Tavern Party (Cool Down: 60 Seconds)

  • Mecha-May calls all six of her suits to defend a target area for 30 seconds. During this time Mecha-May cannot summon a new suit until this ability is off cool down.
  • This ability can only be activated while Mecha-May is not inside of a suit.
  • During this time, Mecha-May's Tower Damage is doubled.
  • Some suits have alternate auto-pilot functions during this ability.
  • Tank won't explode until the 30 seconds are over, or until it's destroyed. Instead, it will taunt enemies in the area and make basic attacks dealing 1,000 Physical / 1.25 seconds.
  • Life Support will prioritize supercharging other suits randomly.
  • Directive: Repair will only attack enemies.
  • Stealth will only stealth attack enemies in the area.
  • Tavern Party Area Range: 1,500

Alright folks, that's it! Another Hero Suggestion down. Holy cow this one took a long time to type haha. Once again I hope you all enjoyed the idea. Spheres & Passives will likely be added later. Once again, if you liked this idea I encourage you to check out my previous Hero suggestions. I will be posting more of these every week.

Other threads:

[Hero Suggestion] Talon Guard Commander

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Unfortunately this suggestion is too similar to the already upcoming hero "Man & Machine" who will be able to enter his defences and take control (possibly even allies but thats still pending).

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@Raghin quote:

Unfortunately this suggestion is too similar to the already upcoming hero "Man & Machine" who will be able to enter his defences and take control (possibly even allies but thats still pending).

I disagree; the Man & Machine builds suits, armor, or what have you, and uses them to his ends; but the overall theme and function of Mecha-May! is enough to stand out. I feel they are both truly different heroes, enough so that I went through the trouble of designing this character. If I had any doubt at all, I wouldn't have wasted as much time as I did on her.

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