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Lets chat a little about Ev2

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So b4 we start i would like to mention that i just copy pasted this out of a notepad.txt doc i keep for reference i tried to clean it up but mehh, ill work on it in a bit gotta go out n get soothing from the store.

How About Them Spheres?

I find a lot of them to currently be Situational or near Useless

I'll share my opinion on those

Press your luck I What could this effect?!?!?!?!?!? Maybe Reflect wall???

Panic Fire Sphere ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Oil strikes & Chill Strikes Since this only effects your regular attack and not your towers or Proton charge.....

Reflect Node Upgrade- typically 1 link is enough, If u really want it covered you can make the triangle but where will i need a reflect wall that's bigger then 5 cades in a row?

ATM since weapons manufacturing is in a poor state Any of its spheres are useless to me(4 spheres)

Lets Talk about her Proton Charge for a moment

* i have 11% Proton Cannon Heat generation making Proton charge cost 8 heat instead of the default 10

*And also Their can be human error in the time it take from seeing something to pressing the stop watch so i did these a few times and this is what i ended up with

No gear- No stats and No applicable Spheres i was doing 7.6k dps to the dummy and it took 12 seconds to remove heat

With Spheres( Proton charge Deflect, Proton Flame charge, Heat dispenser and Heat Capacitor)19kdps 21 seconds of Proton charge and 16 seconds of firing to remove heat

With gear & Spheres I'm doing 365kdps with 21 seconds of beam and took 11 seconds to remove all that heat(Giblers 45th grid locker)

When i put 200 points in hero damage dps went up to 395k

When i put 200 points in AP Dps went to 378kWith 200 Hero damage and 180 Ability power i do 404kdps

So that means Proton charge gets more damage from Hero damage then Ability damage right?(Which sucks for me because I've been swapping gear based on higher AP)

With this new knowledge I respect my gear into Hero damage instead of 50 50 every point(I'm still upgrading gear ATM i only had 194 points my dps jumped to 413k Dps

So for a Proton charge build i should go Hero damage then Ability power and try to get as many items with Proton Cannon heat Generation and Hero critical chance on it

Pressing QRFZ will take you out of stance slowly and in many cases has killed me when all i wanted to do was activate my pet ability (X)

My Findings on Weapon Manufacturer

ant hit air 60 DU to place 1 120DU to place 3 and for what we get I'd have a better chance at trying to join the evil ones army then using this effectively

So we all know by now this tower isn't the most powerful tower around right?

My ev2(Twr ev2) with 2984 Def pwer&6.6k Def crit it hit for 1.932 damage and crit for 6,281 (E- shows 1(+1) Atk dmg & 4.3k crit dmg)

My ev2(Hero Dps) with 492 def pwr and 241.5 def crit hit for 332 and crit for 478 (E-Shows 1(+1) atk dmg & 156 crit dmg)

On my builder ev2, i did 182k with Atomic Launcher and 361k with Mega Death lasor

On my dps Ev2 i did 416k With Atomic Launcher and X with Mega Death Lasor

And Now i put the Appropriate spheres on my dps ev2 just to see the diffrence2 shots of atomic Launcher was fun, but the damage was the same so it was Me hand

i did 670k with Mega death laser I wish they charged faster even with the 25% sphere it still took sometime.So atleast the Spheres work.... all i can say is I'm not going to be using this

Reflect walls!(my fav tower from ev2)

It reflects all ranged attacks Not much else to say  But i had fun with it anyhow

 when it reflects the harb's attacks it don't Home back in on the target it just reflects to where it was being launched from

But in all seriousness i would Like to see range items Or maybe the Def Range stat working on it.. i didn't notice a size increase on its aoe and when i placed it side by with an ev2 with 50 in range it had the same distance in placement

And please Tell me on what map would i need a link of 5

Buff Beam

Love it Enough said

I can fit 9 Skeletal Archers in it and 10 Rams (prob more if i try harder)

I do however notice with Skeletal archers sometime when u upgrade them they stop glowing but will receive the buff

Proton Beams

Basically i only use this tower for CC- the slow And the 6% to freeze mobs i make a 5 link V or U shape down the lanes 60DU but that's me

I wish i had gear for death from above or the Anti gravity bots so if someone could give me a nice chunk of information about them i would love to see it :) I see more Anti gravity bot Ev2s the Proton charge ev2s and would like to be enlightened on that

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you need the big boy ability for the anti grabity bot to be the most powerfull possible. Its only affect your first launched bomb, but it does 3x more dammage than the smaller one in my case. With dracolich activated and my 3 bombs (didnt bought any sphere to increase the number since I dont use it as much as my proton canon) I do around 700k dps, mostly cuz of the first launched bomb. Wich is kinda good ahaha. So now I'm just looking to get a ring with this ability if its possible and see if the ability on the weapon and the relics accumulate or they just take the highest % . If it does then those bomb could be really strong. 

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