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I haven't recieved my devstream code.

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I was at the devstream on the 19th and I was one of the people that won the code, I recieved the notification that was saying this:

Congrats on winning the EV2 Mark 3 costume! You'll receive your EV2 Mark 3 costume next week after she comes out!

If you're playing on PS4, please tell us your PSN ID so we can add the EV2 Mark 3 costume to your account next week.

If you're playing on PC, we'll give you a code next week.

Congrats again on winning, and we'll be in touch!

The Trendy Team

I haven't received the code on the update and I was questioning myself and I decided to wait a whole week but today it still hasn't been send.

Is there a way that I can contact Trendy or something like that?

Well if not thats ok... I think im being too greedybarbarian.png about this whole thing... But y'know its not everyday that you win a giveaway.squire_small.png

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