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Charr Legion

[Hero Suggestion 2] The Illusionist

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Hello Heroes, this is my second Hero suggestion. If you'd like to see the first, go here for that: Talon Guard Commander. Please comment and let me know what you think in both threads. It helps a lot and is much appreciated :)

For a better understanding of my status effects mentioned in this post (Bleed & Poison) check out my status effect thread: Status Effects & Conditions

In order to understand the values I assign to my Hero ideas, you're going to need to understand what the current Tower values in the game are. To do this, I stripped all of my heroes of items/level ups/and spheres and only kept their level 50 status so that I may see a unadulterated look at each tower.

The following is a list of how much damage a single target tower should be doing at each DU set, based off the damage Skeletal Archers do per second. (This is Pre-Nerf numbers; post-nerf values were reduced by about 25%)

  • 10 DU = 56520 DU = 113030 DU = 169540 DU = 226050 DU = 282560 DU = 339070 DU = 395580 DU = 452090 DU = 5085100 DU = 5650
Next you need to understand the blank stats for the current blockades in the game - and then we're good to go.
  • Arcane Barrier - 20 DU - 1476 Damage when exploding - 28762 Health
  • Spike Blockade - 30 DU - 30514 Health - Stats: 615/1.5s = 410 DPS when attacked.
  • Skeletal Orc - 40 DU - 49200 Health - 1230 DDPS (DDPS stands for Dummy DPS) - Stats: 1230/1.43s = 860 DPS - Range 650

The core feature around the Illusionist is that his defenses cost no DU, but instead have high green-mana costs and cannot be upgraded. The lack of efficiency serves two purposes: first, the high mana costs keep players from being able to do what the Necromancer did in DD1. By placing an Illusion down, you're losing the opportunity to instead upgrade one of your already placed defenses. The second purpose is that the Illusionist's defenses serve as a way to complete your build when necessary. For all those moments on 800 DU maps where you've filled your DU limit but you - just - need - one - more - blockade.

The high mana cost and more importantly, the inability to upgrade your towers allows for some interested tower support play as well as solo-play. Additionally; the Illusionist uses Dual-Pistols as his primary weapon.

So without further adieu, let's look at his towers first.

ILLUSIONIST TOWERS - Scale with Tower Damage, Tower Health, Tower Attack Speed, and Tower Range

Tower 1: Illusionary Warrior - 0 DU / 160 Mana

  • A melee/blockade tower wielding a Sword & Shield.
  • 60,000 Health
  • 2,000 Arcane Damage / 2.5 Seconds (800 DPS) - Range 800
  • Casts Taunt every 10 seconds with a range of 1000.
Tower 2: Illusionary Rogue - 0 DU / 200 Mana
  • A melee tower with fast piercing dagger attacks.
  • 10,000 Health
  • 1,000 Arcane Damage / 0.75 Seconds (1333 DPS) - Range 650
  • Attacks also inflict Poison & Bleeding.
  • - Poison would deal 3000 damage over 15 seconds. (200 additional DPS)
  • - Bleed is a stacking DoT that deals 1% of a targets max health every second 3 seconds. (For Example: 3 Stacks would deal 3% of the targets health every second for 9 seconds. Max Stacks: 10)
  • Dodges 75% of attacks.
Tower 3: Illusionary Magus - 0 DU / 180 Mana (Tower Damage adds bonus damage to reflected projectiles)
  • A tower that maintains a small barrier. (Barriers reflect projectiles)
  • 14,500 Health
  • Range 1000
Tower 4: Illusionary Goliath - 0 DU / 450 Mana
  • A massive monstrosity that's forced to lower its head to the ground, unhinging its jaw to release torrents of arcane energy forward.
  • 30,000 Health
  • Channels Arcane damage in a piercing line for 5,000/sec for 5 seconds. - Range 4000 Forward
  • After channeling, it must cooldown over 10 seconds before firing again.


Ability 1: Severence - 50 Blue Mana (Additional Attacks utilize Hero Damage)
  • The illusionist creates six arms, hands, and pistols, for 8 seconds.
  • During this time, attacking fires with all 8 of his weapons.
Ability 2: Penance - 80 Blue Mana (Additional Attacks utilize Ability Power)
  • The Illusionist creates two large cannons above his shoulders for 8 seconds.
  • During this time, attacking also fires each cannon to deal heavy AoE damage.
Ability 3: Hysteria - 120 Blue Mana (Utilizes Hero Damage and Ability Power)
  • All enemies in target area are confused and turn on one another for 6 seconds.
  • Enemies deal bonus damage to each other, scaled by the combined stats of Hero Damage and Ability Power.
Ability 4: Promotion - 0 Mana (Utilizes no stats)
  • The Illusionist may promote one of his currently placed Illusions into that of a fabled hero of the past.
  • The ability may not be used on the Goliath.
  • Only one Illusion can be promoted at a time. Promoting another would demote the currently promoted one.
  • The promoted illusion gains triple its stats.
  • The Illusionary Warrior becomes the Illusionary Hero. It deals 50% of its attack damage to enemies surrounding it.
  • The Illusionary Rogue becomes the Illusionary Assassin. Its evasion chance becomes 100%.
  • The Illusionary Magus becomes the Illusionary Grandmaster. Defenses underneath the Barrier gain 25% additional attack speed.

And that's all folks. Hope you guys enjoyed the idea. Spheres & Passives will likely be added later on. Once again, if you liked this idea I encourage you to check out my previous Hero suggestion, the Talon Guard Commander. I will be posting more of these every week.

Other Threads:

[Hero Suggestion] Mecha-May!

Ciao ;)

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I like the concept however your DU with mana cost is rather out of wack among other things. I would suggest some alterations to your concept.

His illusions are like temporary towers and utilize blue mana or even a dual mana pool - a special mana pool like gunwitch's along with normal blue mana, therefor making him a dps hero with a twist. Illusions last 10-20 (debateable) seconds and cost special mana. All abilities stack off of ability power. As for his 4 ability, generally they always want a healing. However getting unique, you could make it so that the hero possesses an illusion, granting healing, and direct control over the illusion with permanent duration until disabled.

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