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[Suggestion] Game Browser having a level-lock system

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Hey @Trendy, wouldn't it be better if the current game browser has a level lock system? What I mean by this is, only certain levels can enter that game. To some people (Including me), it would be kind of annoying if someone joins a lower difficulty level using their End-game tier characters and would just wreck things up, ruining up the fun out of possibly who seeks for one. I think an overhaul to the game browser would be better :\

That's pretty much what I want to point out. Below is just a little story of mine I had earlier going when I was leveling and a person joined up to ruin it. Note that I had my lower leveled heroes / gears only to build the map, and was just seeking for a challenge.


Pic 1 : He joins up with his 701 Monk and even called him the "weakest" one. He needed his daily, that's why he joined. I did ask him kindly not to use his 50. At least agree to what the room owner says. Annoying when things starts to get uncontrollable.


Pic 2 : I ended up letting him do whatever he wants (was pissed off though), and then he starts bragging me about how I am still at NM3 when I'm not, What? 


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