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We are getting close!! The response to releasing the Beta to Live has been mostly positive.  However there are some concerned about the Deadly Striker Tower change.  While we would like to think that everyone has tested evey change and is enjoying it, we know that is likely not the case.  While general feedback is ok and appreciated, we would like to get some specifc feedback on this particular change since there has been some discussion about whether it is useful and wanted by the community.  So we have made a quick poll so you can give feedback specific to this change to know whether to move forward as is or revert it to the way it is on Live currently.

Poll removed

Thanks for your time.  Happy Defending!!

Edit:  I am removing the poll due to someone messing with the results.  We received enough feedback for now on how to proceed though.  The DST change was reverted and the beta build has been updated with the change.

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