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More fun stuff in the lobby!

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I really like the lobby design and I really like the training part and the catapults but I think there should be more interactive things in there like minigames to pass time or to get acessories (Just like the Carnaval thing that happened but now it would always be there and when the event happen again there would be more exclusive things that would only be able to get at that event and even more minigames).

I think that the lobby is fine but I think there should be a variaty of interesting things to do there, The lobby should be an exclusive area that you could be with other defenders and have fun, It shouldnt be the same thing as the tavern.

Thats my opnion atleast. If you have any ideas that you have or got from this write on down hereEmoji_Squire.png

Good Morning,Afternoon or Evening.

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