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Ranged attack animations bug. PS4

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I was doing bling king and after I finished building I started the wave and immediately switched to my EV2 using the new instant switch L1+D-pad. For the rest of the game my attacks had no animation, no character animation and no visible projectiles, I was still able to do damage and abilities were unaffected.

During the next build phase I decided to switch in different characters and see if they were effected.

Squire/Monk/Abyss Lord-primary and secondary worked fine, including sword of unholy fire flame.

Huntress/Ev2-primary and secondary no animation, tested with bling bow and Mag'Manus canister.

Apprentice-primary and secondary no animation, tested with ghostly halberd, no indication that I was able to use the secondary to summon halberds.

After the map was complete I restarted and bug was gone. Will update if I am able to reproduce.

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