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Down on the D-pad should be used to pick up items

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Seriously annoying to try and activate the switches in the Unholy Catacomb Incursion and instead jump like an idiot.

Not to mention trying to get over a wall and picking up an unwanted item.

This couldn't be that hard to implement, but down on the d-pad literally does nothing and could be a life saver if used for this. No longer would you have to worry about picking up any unwanted gear or interacting with enviromental features incorrectly.

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Other suggestion:

+L1 is building

+R2 is repair and stuff

now move abilities to +L1+R1

then you could say in normal mode cross for jump, maybe square to pick up item, and you can still add things to the other two keys like pet ability as triangle, set mark as circle,...

Down on the d-pad should scroll through you 4 active heroes in your hero deck as hotswap-hotkey, maybe through all your heroes in build phase. Even when it may take a bit longer to change through to the hero you want to switch to, i am sure this is the more convenient way.

I mean, what is better for hotswapping in mid-combat? Opening the options menu and going to the right hero or spamming 1-3 times on down on the d-pad?

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