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Post Hotfix 13.4 Bling-O-Midas Feedback

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@dwrowla quote:

I can post video footage of my AL doing 180k dps with siphon if you want .... I do have a youtube channel. I have seen the bow in action and I can easily match the dps the bow has literally just placing 1 abyss stone in each lane. I also am emphasizing the point that this weapon in general is pointless. I don't care if this bow does 1m dps. It is still pointless. Current defense set ups can kill anything before they can get to a wall. The only time this bow is useful is to kill trash so defenses can focus more on a main target, like an ogre. Even then an AL can easily do the job. AL has much wider stun range with knight ability, and while none of his skills alone do more than 30 - 40k dps, that damage can easily be increased through other means, frosty towers and dragolich for example. With Dragolich my siphon alone does 29k dmg per tick. Not that it matters cause I can just use dragolich on a boss and watch my defenses kill it in 2-3 seconds flat. As a side note an EV in same gear and item power level as a huntress will always do more dps. Just the way it is. Likewise any generic 4s bow will do more dps than this bow with charged shot sphere. Yeah it takes a sphere, but there not anything else more important that bling bow can take advantage of. Sure it does like 10k more dps than a 4s bow excluding charged shot sphere, but we are comparing bows with their optimal setups, not 1 optimized wep compared to an un-optimized wep.

In general I don't see the point of being able to kill trash , possibly, with the DOT just by tagging them. The dmg in my opinion is medicore, less than that of an abyss stone. You can run around the map and tag things, die several times to anything that hits you once, but hey you are doing some DPS so you are contributing something right. Realistically not really. The only time this bow shines is when your defenses are weak and unable to do the content you are playing. But when you can afk 100 waves of end game onslaught on NM4 no problem where is the need for a DPS huntress with this bling bow. Even for sustained single target dps the dmg is subpar, even with dragolich doing severely lower numbers of dps to any other bow. That's not the point though, the bow is meant to be used only for secondary, which cant be used instantly when needed. The secondary doesn't even make since design wise. How is the bling bow even a bow, and how is it even a flamethrower. Why would you need to charge it at all to shoot the flame thrower at all. The bow apparently is spitting out molten gold? Why not give the bow something actually gold related. Maybe make jackpot work correctly and make this bow do something gold related. Things killed by the DOT drop 100 more gold when killed. Then she can be BIS gold farmer and every one would want the bow specifically for that. In its current state I do not see many people actually using this bow.

Finally as I said before I play on console. I don't have EV yet. But right now you can build an entire defense using only AL and monk if you want just for Serenity Aura or Purge Evil. In my opinion every class in the game should be able to make a defensive set up using only their towers that actually works, provided you have the stats required to do so. Likewise having played every Dungeon Defenders game I think it is pretty apparent that Huntress is supposed to be a single target damage dealer. She has always had the highest single target damage and her skills allow her to quickly take single targets out. She can oil a very very small radius to combine with her phoenix skill, or a weapon with fire. She has a stun that does ok damage, but is really just to stall till she can kill things. In the past she has always had the best weapons for DPS. Flamethrowers, guns, bows, you name it with lots of attack speed and projectiles to boot. For AOE dps it was always the apprentice, and maybe monk third. I never saw any one use EV for dps when I played but I don't think she was pulling more single target dmg than huntress. In this game I just feel she is inferior to what she used to be. The amount of projectiles shot, or projectiles per second is lower than in past games. In the past she could just sit there and kill everything in her lane before they got close. In this game she cant shoot more than 1 target unless she is using a weapon that spreads the shots out. So I always found her as a DPS to be sub par until this bow came where she can at least do some dps without dying. Now this bow might bring her up a little more comparable to how good and useful AL is. The difference between AL and Huntress is still huge. AL can solo a lane and prevent them from ever moving. You cant do that with a Huntress and this bow is not going to help any more. When the explosion from my archers is doing the same damage your bow is doing from the DOT then I find this bow useless. Leave the huntress to the only job she has in this game, managing fliers. She has no other use.

Wow, wall of text.

Go ahead, don't see the point of saying you can do it, instead of just doing it,

I doubt you can match the dps with an abyss stone in each lane, again due to the massive difference in aoe. Also, why shouldn't an ability that costs mana do more damage than a primary/secondary that is free?

You're emphasizing that literally any and all hero damage is pointless. Got it, not sure why you are even commenting here then. Or using so many examples of other hero damage. A monk can easily do it too, guess that makes AL useless as well, because AL also dies in one hit. RIP Abyss Lord, he is worthless skeleton.png

Yes, EV2 will currently do more damage with the same gear. Because as previously stated, multiple times, EV2 is balanced with the revamp in mind. But, hey, they are boosting the old heroes to appease your tin foil.

Okay? Charged Primary is pretty silly. How many procs are you counting for this comparison? I honestly hope it's gotten rid of in the revamp. It's essentially required for huntress dps. It's also rng. You never did tell me how many times it proc'd for your friends 250k.

So... you keep flip flopping on whether or not your stones deal more or less than the DOT. You also brought up dragolich earlier, as if that couldn't apply to Huntress as well. You not seeing the point of a DOT doesn't really mean there shouldn't be DOTs. Nor does you thinking the damage is mediocre, because it really isn't. You keep mentioning the Abyss Lord. So, let's get a couple things out of the way, again, since you keep ignoring them, I guess.

  1.  The Abyss Lord is balanced to hopefully be prepared for the revamp, the Huntress (and the other original heroes) are not there yet.
  2.  Abyss Stones costs mana, the DOT is free. The Abyss Stones also require proper placement with the same requirements as towers. They even take up space for a short time after they end. The DOT you just spray and hit targets in a massive cone from decent range.
  3. Abyss Stones are a stationary damage field. The DOT will follow the target wherever they go for it's duration.

There you go talking about how the Huntress specifically is worthless because towers can do everything. Good job, all hero damage is worthless ;-; not just Huntress. RIP everyone's hype about Gunwitch ;-; 

You die in one hit as an abyss lord too, it isn't just a Bling Bow Huntress that dies in one hit. Even EV2 does. Or rather, anyone that doesn't build Hero Health. Is Bling Bow even out on console yet? If you're getting close enough to die you're getting too close. Nothing to do specifically with the Bling-O-Midas.

You don't see many people using the bow, but I see people using it all the time. I also use it myself. The bow is actually fine. It will out dps any other bow constantly. Just not in single target damage. As I said earlier, my Bling Bow beats your friend's 250k with dragolich dps just by hitting 8 targets without dragolich. I'm also not even taking crits or the actual secondary damage into account. Just the base DOT.

I could support it having a bonus gold effect just to stick with the theme.

EV was great in the first game for DPS. Barbarian was even better, out did Huntress by far. Huntress didn't have the highest single target. And she doesn't even have the highest single target out of the original heroes in DD2. Monk beats her. Her kit isn't based around single target. It's cc with one multi target burst skill. I very rarely saw DPS apprentices in DD1, guess that means you're wrong. Just like I'm wrong about DPS EVs.

"When the explosion from my archers is doing the same damage your bow is doing from the DOT then I find this bow useless. Leave the huntress to the only job she has in this game, managing fliers. She has no other use."

Yep, a small explosion that scales entirely differently and has a 25% chance of happening is the same as a large cone that guarantees larger damage multiple times. Is this just you trolling? Or are you this hyperbolic and narrow mind about everything? 

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@dreamanime quote:

@Soulstiger quote:

@dwrowla quote:



Holy moly you answered to it @.O

Yeah, I thought about ignoring it. It's formatted really poorly. I'd like to think my post is at least a little easier to read.

Though, if they keep just wall of texting and repeating the same points over and over I'll be done responding.

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You know I was thinking why would we get a bow for trash mob when hardly any trash mob gets through your defenses? but now we know of Monsterfest.

Maybe that was the bow's original intention?

Be it as it may, it's still the stupidest looking weapon. However now it may actually be useful.

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