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Dynamic lighting option

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After reading a few comments about this option not behaving as expected, I thought maybe some explanation was in order

First, an (extreme) example of the impact this option has: http://imgur.com/a/CbYY9
-- The tower doesn't cast any light on heroes or other objects with the option disabled. This includes its projectiles, explosion, and other fx
-- For towers that make significant use of these lights (FB tower, inferno trap), having the option disabled makes for a significant drop in their performance impact (see fps counter on right side of screenshots above)

Notes on use:

For various reasons, it is not possible to just toggle this option on and off. The effect of the option is only applied to each type of tower as you build one and once disabled for a tower type it can't be reenabled without restarting the game.


1) Start the game and load in to the tavern. The option is enabled (because of an issue with how settings are loaded this is currently always true)
2) Build a FB Tower and an inferno trap.
3) Disable the option "tower dynamic lighting" in the options menu. Observe no changes in the towers you built previously
4) Build another FB Tower. With the option off, both the old and new FB tower will stop producing light, however if you trigger the inferno trap it will remain unchanged
5) Reenable the option. Build as many FB towers or inferno traps as you want, the fireball will remain without light and the inferno will still produce it


-- This option currently only gets applied to projectile towers and traps. Any suggestions for other possible targets for this option?

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