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[Request] New map types: Assault & Stronghold

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I would like to request 2 different map types. Both are essentially the antonym of the other.

Assault: No buildings / HIGHLY Limited / Traps only (AkA used only as way to deal with very local situations)

In the original DD there were maps that forced the hero's to go against already fortified monster bases. I would like to request a set of these types of maps. Naturally a set of maps like this require a hero built around hero damage & ability power damage. Thus the drops should also be specific to this end. I believe this would work very nicely with the upcoming heroes you intend to release since both the gunwitch and the barb seem to be primarily focused on dps.

Stronghold: Buildings only - Make up some kefka like antagonist, one that just enjoys chaos and anarchy, and have him cast a nationwide spell on a set of maps that causes heroes to exist in offset dimensions. They cannot be seen or damaged by enemies, nor can they damage or use abilities on monsters. Only their defenses can be used

Basically the opposite of assault. Again, allow for objective specific loot.

Fun, challenging, different and new. 

It would be nice to be able to farm more relevant loot as and when needed. Instead of just grinding onslaught, (causing people to rapidly tire of the game due to thou oh so holy: RNGJEESUS), players would feel a much keener sense of achievement for attaining a well tuned character without feeling as if the time invested was a chore / grind / bore

I predict that an interesting side effect of including a feature like this is that more people may be inclined to buy more character slots. 

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@DarkusRelling quote:

I'm definitely supporting this. I enjoyed DD1's "Pure Strategy mode" & Assault Maps.

Plus the nostalgia it will bring will be sweeeeet :D

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A way to farm builder/DPS gear specifically?
A game mode for strategist enthusiests AND the action enthusiests?
Game modes that can seperate the sides of the holy war that is the AFK vs anti-AFK?

Where do I sign....

Although realisticly, I can't see this getting through for a long time with all Trendy has on their plate sadly. Heres to hoping.

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