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Questions & Shoutouts for the Community

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So, first of all:

I want to give a huge shoutout to the community of DD (1). This includes the Community-Dev-Team, which really amazes me with the content they come up with. Wonderful graphics, events and so on.

However, I'd also like to thank every player here in the forums for beeing a nice communtiy-member. I finished DD1 2-3 years ago, but never forgot the gameplay in first place. After getting back to it, I was really amazed and surpised, how kind you people are. Compared to the DD 2 community, this is a whole new level. 

Enough of that, time for some questions :P 

So, when I stopped playing, I was able to do almost every map on NM HC. Now I really struggle with "insane" (buccaneer bay for instance) or so. The DD-planner-tool isn't used as well anymore, right? I'd like to farm up a bit, but I really don't know where to start. I tried to run NM HC Labs, but I can't even pass the first blockade. demon.png

Now, I know lab-runs are high in prices, but would someone be so kind to give some insights (maybe route) and stats, if you can run it? Having a Jester Lv 100 with kinda good stats, but well... it seems like I'm missing something (maybe this weapon from that volcano-map)?

Also, I found out that there are certain maps which has 30 waves of survival now? Does it raise the chance of getting Supr - Ult gear? Where would you point me to farm up? Moonbase? Tinkerers Lab? Buccaneer bay?

Then again: I read that there is/was a thing called RainMaker? Was this a unique pet? Is it so strong? Please help a veteran defender out and lets make eternia great again :D

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Hi Dassaffe,

Welcome back to DD, the best game ever!

I will answer a few questions to get you started but I am sure other will answer the rest and go into more depth etc.

As far as I am aware, NMHC has not changed its difficulty.  You just need to get back into the swing of things i think :)

Pew Pew Pew's guide may also be of help:


I think the planner tool is still in effect.  Not sure how many people are uploading new builds etc.  Seems many old ones are still there etc.

Tinkerers (Lab Assault) is a great source for good accessories and armors. (except pristine - you will still need to farm the campaign survival bonus maps for them)  Insane is good too, but NM will give you better accessory stats I believe.

I'm sure there are better routes to use for Lab Assault these days, but the below one works ok.

And yes the best weapon is the BF Drill which is obtained in the Challenge 'Volcanic Eruption' as a huntress/hunter etc.

There are many ways to beat this map but the below video will get you started etc.  Time is the key!

For a good huntress weapon, Tinkerers Lab NMHC INSANE can be good for the blaster rifle.  Nightmare seems to 'over roll' a bit so Insane is better.

Other good weapons can be obtained on Moonbase as well as good tower pets.

The Rainmaker is an event weapon for the apprentice.  It is very OP and worth around 160 cubes i believe if trading for one etc. 

Hope this helps, see you around the DD traps


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For the Survival waves - all of the maps beyond Glitterhelm go beyond 25 in survival waves.

City in the Cliffs - wave 30

Talay Mining Complex- wave 30

Palantir- wave 30

Mistymire Jungle- wave 30

Moraggo Desert Town - wave 35

Aquanos- wave 30

Sky City- wave 30

Karathikie Jungle - wave 35(?)

The King's Game- wave 30

Tavern Defense- wave 35

Akatiti Jungle- wave 35

Winter Wonderland- wave 35

The Tinkerer's Lab- wave 35

Buccaneer Bay- wave 35

Armor - Most of the maps are pretty good about giving at least a few supreme per run. If you're lucky you'll get 1, maybe 2 ults per run. Your mileage may vary.

Weapons - If you get less than 3 ults in a full run, I consider it unlucky.

For the fastest runs, the best way to run a map is generally 18-26, but most people just do 18 - end of map because why not.

Most armor farming happens on The King's Game, and more recently, Buccaneer Bay. Other maps in that list are run for assorted purposes, but most are good for armor.

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middo and caimen covered pretty much everything, thanks for mentioning my guide middo :)

Depending on your current stats (I assume below 2k) you are also able to progress on campaign maps like Tavern Defense and Akatiti (Akatiti is way harder due to the boss) like me on this guide. The fastest and easiest way is for sure running Lab Assault and Moonbase like middo suggested.

For Lab Assault I recommended to use a Crystal Tracker or (preferably due to a better range) BF Drill. You don't need very good ones, so getting them from Insane is fine. Lab Assault on Insane is good to get started with armor and accessories. Moonbase' 'secret' pet reward (Fish in a Bowl) usually spawns with super-nice stats on Insane.

For the possibility of highest-end armor you run Lab Assault on NMHC or with a solid set of builders survival runs on NMHC(MM) on Sky City, Kings Game, Winter Wonderland, Buccaneers Bay and Palantir (what I do, others also run Moraggo and Tavern Defense). Some seems to be more lucky with Lab Assault others with survivals.

The RainMaker is a strong weapon, the strongest elemental weapon in the game, but there are also over which are close enough to it. It's a "Nice-to-Have" not more, Crested Eagle (Boss Rush), Fusion Rift (Moonbase), Obsidian Clava (Akatiti) and Bloodshot / Bone Staff (Moraggo Survival) will do the job as good as the RainMaker.

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Hey there. As there seem to many great inputs from very experienced players I will not post links to more great guides, however, I would just offer that you can add me on Steam if you need to be up to speed with some of the things going on atm. I admit I am far from the greatest defender of dungeons but I think I could reintroduce many builds, elements, etc. if you wanted to.

TL;DR: My Steam-profile should be linked on my forum account. Feel free to add me

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