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Earthy knockup sphere

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Recently I bought the earthy knock-up sphere, I thought some nice knockups would help me handle a wave of mobs. Though I got the feeling during my gamesĀ  that knockups didn't occur.

Thanks to the monthly mission of this month I was able to track the amount of knock-ups the towers have done.
I have played 3 rounds nightmare 1. This was 7 waves per game with about and average of 200 minnions per wave, totalling 4200 minnions. Every lane had a minimum of 1 earth tower and maximum of 3.

The amount of knockups that occurred: 3!!!!!

The combination of a low percentage chance for the knockup (15%) and many mobs being "grounded" on higher tier games. This sphere is (almost) useless and any other sphere will be a lot more usefull.

Story short. @TrendyGames: can you (re)balance the knockup sphere?

Thank you for reading the feedback.

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