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I have a problem with launching dungeon defenders...

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Hey defenders!

First off, i would like to apologise for bad grammar, spelling mistakes, or any misiformation i give.

So heres my problem:

Yesterday, my wnidows 10 pc started downloading updates, and i wanted to play without lag, so i restarted my pc, as i do not know how to stop it while i use ethernet.

So i closed dungeon defenders 2 after a game of nm4 inc ramparts, signed out of steam, and restarted my computer.

when my computer came back on, i signed back into steam on the same account i signed out on.

When i got into steam, it said that dungeon defenders wanted to install again. I found this weird, as when i checked my D drive, it had the files and everything downloaded already, but it wanted to reinstall for some reason.

When it gave me the install option, i clicked install, and it said "discovering existing files for dungeon defenders 2" or something along those lines.. anyways, after that, it finished the installation, and said that it wanted to download 3.4 gigabytes. On my internet, this is simply just too long to download, as i have really slow internet.

I had this problem before, and i fixed it myself, but now i forget and i cant figure out how i did, i think it is linked to the fact that when i clicked install, the C drive was selected as the directory rather than the D, so i am wondering if anyone can tell me how to re-install it onto the D drive, or if that is even the cause?

Thanks for your responses and help


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