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I am looking for guides on Pets and Weapons and Spheres.

Any tips and links to guide me in the right direction would be great.

I do want to share, what I find too.


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If you're looking for info on pets and spheres *and just about anything, really!*, this guide is a good place to start. It includes a compendium of all or almost all of the pet abilities, and info about them. It also lists the author's recommended spheres for just about every build in the game *except for the Abyss Lord, which the guide hasn't been updated for*. If you're looking for info on weapons, the only thing that's really important to consider is which passives they drop with. Some passives, like Frostfire which only drops on the Chilling Touch legendary staff for the Apprentice, are incredibly important for certain builds. You can find a list of recommended passives and stats for gear on this Google spreadsheet, which the guide above also links. If you want to find out which gear you can find these passives on, I would check out this wiki page.

Not sure if the guide mentions this, but if you're playing as a DPS huntress, it's important to look for a weapon that shoots four times per second *denoted by 4/s* in order to maximize the chance that the Charged Primary sphere procs.

Hope that helps!

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