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When will they introduce crafting?

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Here's my idea, 

You have to find a catalyst for a specific type of gear and the stat you want to create.

Collect essences that are chance drops from certain enemies on certain maps.

Catalyst of Helm Defense Health. 

Requires 2000 goblin essence 500 kobold esscence and 1 green eternia shard to activate. Replaces chosen stat and applies 'x' Defense Health to helm of the same ilevel or higher

The catalyst, when completed, could apply defense health to an item. The catalyst would have an ilevel that determines the amount of defense hp that will be given to the gear. 

For example, a 450 ilvl Helm catalyst that gives defense HP, can only be used on a 450 ilvl or higher helm, and it will only give an amount of defense HP that ilvl 450 helms would roll.

 A 450 ilvl catalyst would drop on maps of that ilvl, and would require essences from maps in that range. 

Something like that. 

We need more things to acquire from playing, and more reason to play different maps.  

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