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Loot still biased towards the active hero?

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I use my dps huntress as the active hero in difficult maps, and it seems that the majority of drops are for huntress.  Nearly all weapons are bows, and there's hardly any build passives for other classes to be seen.  Was this the intention, or should loot be divided evenly between decked heroes?  Some classes are rather difficult to play as dps, especially the monk.  It would be super good if I could tag only some of the decked heroes as eligible for loot, regardless of which of them is active.  At the moment my builder squire and apprentice are lagging behind because loot with the correct build passives drops very rarely when I play my huntress.

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Imma do a little test!

Hero Deck: Hybrid Abyss Lord (Tower Dmg, Aility Pwr) - DPS Squire -  Hearty Squire - AA Monk.

3 Maps (3 runs of Throne Room)

Muh Rules:-
I will only Build and play with the Abyss lord (I won't swap hero EVER) .
I'll collect 2 bags of loot. (All the space I have ATM, So first in first served for items)
I'll only keep loot on wave 4 and up (Try to filter out the early stuff, as I expect it to be worse. Cllecting loot on waves, 4, 5, 6, 7.)
I'll seperate the loot from the Victory/End of Map chest.
I will not damge any enemy.
I'll Build in the same spots (in case that influences it.. I guess)
Free Play, Hard.

I'll post results soon!

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Okay! That was a little time consuming and only have time to do one :(

Loot Colour Found
White: 2
Pale White: 5
Green: 26
Blue: 18
Purple: 1
Legendary: 1 (Lucky Me!)

Hero Categories,
With all the different loot traits here's where I counted what for where
DPS - Iron Core, Speedy Harpoon.
Hybrid - Any Abyss Lord trait
Hearty - Hearty Blockade, Automation
AA - Any Monk stuff
Other/Not counted - Super Conductor, Harden, Construction, Vector Corrector.
^ These are the only things I found on loot too.

DPS - 5
Hybrid - 26
Hearty - 1
AA - 2
Other -  22

Boss -
Malthius - Wave 6 - 1 Legendary (Hybrid)
Ogre - Wave 7 - 2 Green, 2 Blue (Green, Other. Blues Hybrid) 
Chest - Blue - 2 Green, 2 Blue (Blues for Hybrid)

Other Stuff:

Helmets Found - 9
Chest Found - 5
Boots Found - 7
Gloves Found - 12
Relics found - 13
Swords Found - 1
Pole Arms Found - 1
Sheilds Found - 1
Tomes Found - Didn't think to count until now :/ I do know there was more then 5!
Lock Box - 3
Pet food - 2
Eggs - 2
Pet Box - 1
Also got about 3-6 Defender Medals (I think totally forgot about them)

Interesting! If anyone is interested I can do others :) It's a bit of work

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My bow to book ratio has seemed a touch off. Glad to know it's not just me.

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I gathered some statistics as well.

Map: Nimbus Reach NM3
Deck: DPS huntress, builder squire (other two slots empty)
Active hero: DPS huntress

Huntress items: 41
Phoenix build items: 16
Poison build items: 4
Bows: 7

Squire items: 5
Hearty build items: 2
Harpoon build items: 1
Swords: 1

Monk items: 1
Purge build items: 1

Apprentice items: 1
Frosty build items: 1

Neutral items: 23
Items with no passives: 2

Trendy, your "more even loot distribution" is not working.  I guess I'll have to make a tank/dps squire to farm my hearty items.

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By looking through every item after the map and taking notes of what passives each item has.  A second computer helps with this as you can look at items on one and take notes on the other.

Some explanations on my method:

Class items: Any item that has passives specific to that class's defenses or abilities

Build items: Any item that has a colored passive for that build

Neutral items: Any item that only has generic passives not pertaining to any particular class

An item may belong to more than one category, such a huntress bow for the phoenix build.

I can't "do you" because I have no way to see your items.  I guess it would be possible with some kind of screen sharing application, but TBH that seems like more trouble than it's worth.

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